The Sixth Year of George I. - Chap. X.


A.D. 1719


An Act for the better regulating the Parish Watches, and amending the High Ways



in this Kingdom, and for the preventing the Misapplication of Publick Money.




* * * * *


V. And be it further enacted, That if any constable or constables, impowered by this act to make such return, shall neglect or refuse to make the same at the time aforesaid, or shall not make a just, full, and true return of the several inhabitants paying hearthmoney, and liable by law to watch in such parishes, liberties, or mannors, every constable or constables neglecting or refusing to make such return shall forfeit the sum of five pounds; and in case any constable or constables making such return shall wilfully omit to return the name or names of any inhabitant or inhabitants within such parish or constablewick, liberty, or manor, liable to watch, according to the true intent and meaning of this act, that then such constable or constables shall forfeit the sum of ten shillings for every such inhabitant, whose name shall be so omitted to be returned; the said penalties or forfeitures to be recovered by any person or persons, who shall sue for the same, by petition in the nature of a civil bill before the judges of assize at the assizes to be held for the several counties of this kingdom, and in the county of the city of Dublin, and county of Dublin, before the justices of the peace at the quarter-sessions, where such parish or parishes, liberties, or mannors respectively lie, who are hereby impowered finally to hear and determine the same, and to award execution thereon, in like manner as executions issue upon decrees obtained upon civil bills; and that whenever it shall seem fit and necessary to the lord lieutenant, or other chief governor or governors of this kingdom for the time being, that the parish watches in this kingdom shall be kept in the several parishes by protestant watchmen only, it shall and may be lawful to


and for the lord lieutenant, or other chief governor or governors of this kingdom for the time being, and council, to issue out a proclamation, thereby requiring all justices of the peace, chief magistrates, or seneschals, to issue their warrants to the several high and petty constables within their respective counties or jurisdictions, requiring and commanding them the said high and petty constables, and every of them, to settle and fix protestants, and no other, to be watchmen in and for their several and respective parishes; and that then and in such case, when and as often as it shall come to the turn of the papist or papists, other than as aforesaid, to watch, such papist or papists shall provide a protestant or protestants, to be approved of by one or more justice or justices of the peace residing within such parish; and in case there be no such justice resident within the said parish, then to be approved of by the next justice of the peace, to watch in his and their turn; and for default thereof the said justice or justices are hereby required to appoint a protestant or protestants to serve in the stead of such papist or papists; and to issue his and their warrants for the levying and raising by distress and sale of the goods of such papist or papists, in whose turn or turns such protestant or protestants shall serve, the sum of twelve pence for each night, to be paid to such protestant as shall watch in the turn of such papist; and in case such protestant or protestants, so nominated and appointed by such justice or justices of the peace, shall neglect or refuse to watch according to such appointment or nomination, or to find a protestant or protestants to serve in his or their stead, he and they shall incur the same forfeitures and penalties herein before inflicted on persons, who neglect or refuse to watch in their turn.

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