4 Will and Mary c.2 (1692):
An Act for encouragement of Protestant strangers to settle in this kingdom of Ireland
Sec. 1-3. Continues the Act of 14 Charles II c.13 for the encouragement of Protestant settlement in Ireland for an additional 7 years, and substitutes for the oath of supremacy and allegiance, the oaths and declaration against transubstantiation set forth in English 3 Will and Mary c.2. And provides that such Protestant strangers shall enjoy the free exercise of their religion, and the liberty of meeting publickly for worship, any former law notwithstanding.

2 Ann c.14 (1703):
An Act for naturalizing of all Protestant strangers in this kingdom
Sec.1-2. Revives the act of 14-15 Charles 2, c.13 for encouraging and naturalization of Protestant strangers and continues its provisions for 5 more years, provided the immigrants take the oaths of allegiance, abhorrence, and abjuration and the declaration against transubstantiation.

2 Ann c.14 (1703):
An Act for naturalizing of all Protestant strangers in this kingdom
Sec. 3-5. Provided no naturalized alien shall serve or vote in any election to Parliament, or corporation office or election. The freedom of any city received hereunder continues only while he or she dwells therein. And those who bring an expence with them shall be freed from corporation taxes and offices for 7 years.

4 Geo I c.9 (1717):
An act for reviving, continuing, and amending several Statues …
Sec. 1-2, 4. The act of ?-14 Charles II, ch 13 for encouraging protestant strangers to inhabit the kingdom of Ireland is revived and made permanent, other than the clause exempting them from payment of excise, providing such stranger shall take the usual oaths and declaration.. Such protestant strangers that bring any expence along with them shall be freed from corporation taxes, and freed from serving in corporation offices for 7 years.


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