Khary Hornsby (’05) Receives Global Engagement Award

May 19, 2015

Khary D. Hornsby (’05), director of international and graduate programs at the Law School, has been honored with a 2015 Award for Global Engagement by the University’s Global Programs and Strategy Alliance office. This award is given to faculty and staff to acknowledge exceptional achievements in and contributions to global education, research, and engagement on behalf of the University.

Over the past several years, through recruiting efforts in China, Thailand, Indonesia, Mexico, and other countries, Hornsby has been instrumental in increasing enrollment in the LL.M. program from about 20 students per year to as many as 70. This has substantially raised the Law School’s international profile and led to the presence of international students, with their varied and vital perspectives, in almost every classroom. Hornsby has responded to the unique educational needs of these students by providing ESL courses that focus on “legal English” as well as on standard aspects of language learning. He has strengthened the Law School’s exchange programs, worked with the Admissions Council on issues relating to foreign students in the United States, participated in trade missions to South Korea and Brazil, and served in leadership roles with the Association of American Law Schools’ Section on Graduate Programs for Non-U.S. Lawyers.

“Khary has done a magnificent job,” said Professor Fred Morrison, faculty chair of the Law School’s International Programs Committee. “In addition to expanding our LL.M. program, he has improved our instruction for foreign students by teaching a course on the leadership that lawyers can provide to their communities. He is an outstanding global educator—clearly one of the top people in the field. This University recognition is well-deserved.”

Khary Hornsby (’05)
Khary Hornsby (’05)

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