Law and Inequality Announces New Online Publication: Sua Sponte

June 3, 2016

Law and Inequality: A Journal of Theory and Practice has announced the launch of a new online publication called Law and Inequality: Sua Sponte.

Sua Sponte, produced by the staff and editors of the University of Minnesota Law School’s Law and Inequality journal, will provide a unique forum for exploring and criticizing inequality and the law. The publication will include short social, empirical, and traditional doctrinal writings as well as experiential, literary, and community-based articles. It will also feature short argument pieces and reflections on inequality. Sua Sponte is available at

Currently featured articles include “Turning Gaming Dollars Into Non-Gaming Revenue: Hedging for the Seventh Generation” and “Pass Senate Bill 355: How Proposed Minnesota Legislation Brings the U.S. Into Compliance With International Norms.”

Sua Sponte will increase access to discussions of law and inequality, create opportunities to provide novel and timely responses to current issues, and diversify the articles produced by traditional legal scholarship. Sua Sponte publishes the perspectives of lawyers, nonlawyers, scholars, students, and organizers and welcomes article submissions throughout the year. Manuscripts may be sent to

Law and Inequality: A Journal of Theory and Practice was founded in 1981 by Catharine MacKinnon. It is the Law School’s second-oldest journal and is ranked nationally in family law; women, gender, sexuality, and law; public policy, politics, and law; and minority, race, and ethnic issues. It publishes in print twice a year. Law and Inequality: Sua Sponte launched in the summer of 2016 and was created by the 2015-16 editorial board.

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