Q&A with 2L Eduardo Castro

February 6, 2019

Eduardo Castro is a 2L engaged in numerous student activities, including serving as co-president of the Latinx Law Students Association. Recently, he led a public discussion with CNN legal analyst Laura Coates ‘05, the featured speaker at the Law School’s 4th annual Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Convocation (See video).    

Why did you select Minnesota Law as the law school that you would attend?

I chose the University of Minnesota Law School, first and foremost, because I knew I was going to receive a top-notch legal education that emphasized practical training and public service. That has undoubtedly been the case. I’m only a 2L, but I’ve already had a chance to argue in front of a Minnesota Supreme Court Justice in our 1L writing program, and prepared an appeals brief for the Board of Immigration on behalf of a client in the Detainee Rights Clinic. Also, being in the Twin Cities and receiving reciprocity as a Wisconsin native were major pluses.

Have you found the environment at the Law School to be welcoming and supportive to diverse students?

To be frank, the legal profession as a whole still has a long ways to go when it comes to diversity and inclusion. What I’ve seen at the University of Minnesota Law School, though, is a real commitment to addressing this problem. This is reflected in annual programming like our diverse attorney and judges panels, our involvement with affinity bar groups in the Twin Cities, and implementing the Law School’s first-ever diversity strategic plan. From the administration to the professors to the staff to the students themselves, the entire Law School is working to ensure diverse and underrepresented future attorneys are recruited, supported, and trained to become future lawyer-leaders.

What student activities/organizations have you been involved with at Minnesota Law?

I’ve been a member of the Detainee Rights Clinic, where we represent clients in removal proceedings, and active with the James H. Binger Center for New Americans. I’m also a staffer on the Journal for Law and Inequality. I’m a co-president of the Latinx Law Students Association, a member of the newly founded Sports Law Association, and a member of the law school’s Diversity Committee. Finally, I’m a member of the Law School’s intramural basketball team, “Adverse Possession.”

In what way(s) has Minnesota Law prepared you for your future career aspirations?

Far and beyond, the University of Minnesota Law School has equipped me with the practical, tangible skills to be a successful lawyer. Through the Law and Practice program and clinical experiences, I had the chance to conduct simulated mediations and depositions, as well as learn the art of client interviewing and argue in front of an Immigration judge. So many of the skills required to be a successful attorney needed to be learned outside the classroom. The University of Minnesota Law School ensures that we get those experiences.

Any key experiences at Minnesota Law that you would like to share?

I recently had the privilege of leading a discussion with Laura Coates ‘05 for our annual MLK Convocation. Laura is an alum who is currently a CNN legal analyst, Sirius XM Radio Host, and best-selling author, and has previously worked for a law firm in Minneapolis, as an attorney for the Department of Justice, and as a federal prosecutor. For me, the opportunity illustrated how much our distinguished alumni want to continue to be a part of Mondale Hall. I had the chance to work closely with Laura in developing the themes and topics of the convocation. Despite how extraordinary the opportunity was to sit down with Laura and pick her brain about MLK’s continued relevance today, I cannot say it was that unique. Our alumni are committed to opening doors for our students and are an integral part of our legal education.

What advice would you give to a prospective student thinking about attending Minnesota Law?

Like any good aspiring attorney, we here at Mondale Hall love to talk, and we LOVE to talk about the University of Minnesota Law School. If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to reach out to the staff at our Admissions Office, who would be happy to connect you with students and/or professors. If there is anything on your mind, I highly encourage you to connect with us!

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