Meet the Editor: 2L Will Dooling, Minnesota Journal of Law, Science & Technology

March 8, 2019

We recently asked the incoming editors-in-chief of Minnesota Law’s four law journals to share a little bit about their backgrounds, interests, and plans. Today, we focus on Will Dooling, who was elected editor-in-chief of the Minnesota Journal of Law, Science and Technology for the 2019-20 academic year.

“Meet the Editor” seriesHometown: Omaha, Nebraska

Previous Education: B.A. (History and Communication), Saint Louis University; M.A. (Library and Information Science), University of Wisconsin-Madison

Pre-Law School Work Experience:

  • Science, Literature, and History Teacher, The Edge—Kaohsiung, Taiwan
  • Research Intern, Center for Media and Democracy—Madison, Wisconsin
  • Library Reference Associate, University of Nebraska-Lincoln—Lincoln, Nebraska
  • Librarian/Information Literacy Instructor, Creighton University—Omaha, Nebraska

Career plans/objective: I cannot say for sure. I love criminal law, and I love appellate work, so probably something in that area, but you never know.

Favorite class: Criminal Procedure is by far the most interesting subject I’ve studied in law school.

Favorite non-journal activity: My favorite non-journal law school activity has been my work in the Criminal Defense Clinic.

Something you enjoy in your free-time: In my spare time, I design and play “interactive fiction” games. These games are basically computer games that have no graphics, only text. It is a great way to experiment with the art of storytelling—which of course is quite applicable to law.

Favorite inspirational quote: “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.” —Hunter S. Thompson

Plans or goals for your Journal during your time as editor-in-chief: I hope to continue producing high-quality legal scholarship, and have fun in the process. I am particularly hopeful that I can increase the journal’s readership among the general public. I think people outside of the legal academic world care about what we have to say, and I want to do more to reach out to them.

Advice for others looking to rise to a leadership role on a law journal: In law school, it is very easy to get wrapped up in individual achievement, but success in the “real world” is almost always about working well in a group. Find some friends, study with them, and help each other succeed. You will learn more by helping others learn, and you will succeed by helping others succeed.

2L Will Dooling
2L Will Dooling

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