Belit Flores, Chemist, Master of Science in Patent Law Candidate

October 14, 2019

Belit Flores, who has a a B.S. in Chemistry from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, spent five years doing research and development work at Cargill, Inc. before enrolling in Minnesota Law’s Master of Science in Patent Law (MSPL) program. She has more than 15 years of lab experience, which she is looking forward to putting to work in the exciting field of patent law.

Welcome to the Masters in Patent Law program at Minnesota Law! You have extensive experience as a chemist, most recently in research & development at Cargill. Could you describe a little bit about your scientific background and what you did? 

I was an analytical chemist for just over 15 years specializing in liquid chromatography (both high-performance liquid chromatography and ultra-high performance liquid chromatography). As an R&D Chemist within Cargill’s high intensity sweeteners business I supported a variety of functions, including strain development, process development, and regulatory approval. I was primarily involved in the development and commercialization of EverSweet™.

How did you find out about the MSPL program and what motivated you to enroll after close to two decades in the lab? Meet Minnesota Law's Class of '20 MSPL Program

I found out about the MSPL program while I was searching for a part time law school program at the U of M. I was motivated to enroll in the MSPL program because of the quality of the curriculum and the reasonable timeframe for completing the program and getting into the job market. 
What excites or interests you about learning patent law?

As a scientist I am excited to learn about the details of the patent prosecution process and how products and innovation are brought to market. I am also curious how businesses decide to patent some ideas and not others.

How do you plan to use your MSPL degree to help further your professional aspirations?

In the near term I want to work as a patent agent. I am currently exploring whether I prefer to be in a law firm or in a business setting. After a few years as a patent agent I will reassess my goals and decide whether it makes sense for me to return to school for a J.D.

What three words describe you best?

Thorough, analytical, perseverant

Any hobbies or interests that you would like to share?

I picked up glassblowing as a hobby several years ago but since I purchased a home a few years ago my “hobby” has morphed into yard maintenance.

Anything else would you like to share with the Minnesota Law community about yourself and/or your aspirations?

I really enjoy how friendly and welcoming the students are, not just in my program, but in the law school overall.

Belit Flores
Belit Flores

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