3Ls Meghan Knapp, Jackie Fielding Named Post-Grad Robina Fellows

May 6, 2020

3Ls Meghan Knapp and Jackie Fielding have been named 2020 Robina Post-Graduate Fellows.

Robina Post-Graduate Fellowships are supported by the Robina Foundation in recognition of the need for greater funding for recent graduates who want to pursue public interest work. These highly competitive fellowships provide funding for fellows to work full-time, for one year, in a legal or policy role at a nonprofit or government agency.

Knapp’s fellowship is with the Guernica Centre for International Justice, which hosted her for a Remote Semester Field Placement this spring. The Guernica Centre is a non-profit organization that helps assist individuals, civil society groups, and institutions in implementing strategies to ensure accountability and redress for international crimes against humanity.

Fielding’s fellowship is with with the Brennan Center for Justice. Based in New York City, the Brennan Center is an independent, nonpartisan law and policy organization dedicating to advancing the interests of democracy and justice.   

Minnesota Women Lawyers recently recognized Knapp and Fielding for their social justice scholarship (see “Minnesota Women Lawyers Honors Two 3Ls for Legal Writing”).

3Ls Meghan Knapp and Jackie Fielding
3Ls Meghan Knapp and Jackie Fielding

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