2L Frances Daniels Wins $5K Scholarship from AccessLex

November 10, 2020

AccessLex has awarded a $5,000 scholarship to Frances Daniels, 2L.

AccessLex is a nonprofit organization that seeks to further access, affordability, and the value of legal education through research, policy, advocacy, and direct member and student educational services.

Daniels, a frequent user of its resources, learned of her scholarship on Friday during a video conference call with AccessLex representatives and Assistant Dean of Students Erin Keyes ’00. (See video clip below.)

“I was both surprised and excited to win the AccessLex scholarship,” says Daniels. “With everything else happening in the world, a scholarship award drawing was definitely not something on my mind and brought a huge boost of joy to this semester!”

Daniels says she uses AccessLex as her main source for financial and benefit information as she looks ahead to making the transition from law student to practitioner.

“With the prospect of graduating into an unpredictable economy, I didn’t want to put off learning and planning around the inevitable financial and career decisions I will be making,” she explains. “Through AccessLex, I was able to start assigning priorities for job options, learning the ins and outs of loan repayment, and understand how my current decisions can enhance or constrain my future career choices. Going through this process has brought a lot of clarity and organization into my post-graduate landscape.”

Professor Mitch Zamoff says of Daniels: “She combines a tenacious work ethic, a high level of intellectual curiosity, and a healthy dose of common sense. She looks at issues from all sides and consistently demonstrates nuanced thinking about complicated issues. And on top of all that, she has a delightful personality and a good sense of humor.”

2L Francis Daniels Wins $5K Scholarship from AccessLex

Frances Daniels, 2L, learns of her AccessLex scholarship during a video conference call with AccessLex representatives and Assistant Dean of Students Erin Keyes ’00.

2L Frances Daniels
2L Frances Daniels

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