Prof. Zamoff’s Article on Body-Cam Evidence Named to NACDL’s 'Must Read' List

February 9, 2021

Associate Clinical Professor of Law Mitch Zamoff’s 2020 Georgia Law Review article, “Assessing the Impact of Police Body Camera Evidence on the Litigation of Excessive Force Cases,” was recently named a “must read” article by the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL) and the Academic Advisory Board of the Getting Scholarship into Court Project.

As a “must read” article, Zamoff’s scholarship will be disseminated to NACDL membership and to the broader academic and legal community. The Project’s purpose is to spread the word about scholarship that will be especially useful to courts and practitioners. NACDL posts its “must read” list in monthly columns in The Champion magazine, available only to NACDL members.

Zamoff’s article tests the hypotheses that bodycam evidence will be dispositive in most excessive force cases and that such evidence will positively impact the way those cases are litigated and decided. In doing so, it presents the first review of the evidentiary impact of bodycams on the outcomes of excessive force cases.

Zamoff is the director of the Law School’s litigation program, chair of the civil litigation concentration, and co-director of the law in practice program.

Mitch Zamoff
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