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  • Digital Evidence in the Courtroom: A Guide for Law Enforcement and Prosecutors (U.S. Dept. of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, National Institute of Justice, 2007) (with members of the Technical Working Group for Digital Evidence in the Courtroom)

Journal Articles

  • Speaking of Silence: A Reply to Making Defendants Speak, 94 Minnesota Law Review 800 (2010) Donald P. Judges
  • Is Death Different? Dying Declarations and the Confrontation Clause after Crawford, 35 William Mitchell Law Review 1542 (2009)
  • Unified Family Courts: Therapeutic Power and Judicial Authority, 3 Utah Bar Journal 7 (Summer 1998), reprinted in 1 Unified Family Court Chronicle 7 (Spring 1999)
  • A Day in the Life…, II Unified Family Chronicle (June 1998)
  • Trouble in Vineville: Resolution of Intra-Church Property Disputes in Civil Courts, 66 Health Progress 55 (July-Aug. 1985)

Documents and Reports

  • Unified Family Courts: A Progress Report (American Bar Association, 1998) (report from ABA Standing Committee on Substance Abuse and ABA Steering Committee on Unmet Legal Needs of Children) Jeff Kuhn

Editorials, Commentary & Letters

  • Silence Is Not Always Golden, The Big Horn County (Montana) News, Nov. 19, 1997 (op-ed)
  • Of Spies and Alpine Ridges (book review), The Big Horn County (Montana) News, Aug. 27, 1997 (op-ed)
  • Reflections on Memorial Day: Rolling Thunder, The Big Horn County (Montana) News, June 4, 1997 (op-ed)
  • Criminal trials - not truth, but fairness, The Big Horn County (Montana) News, Dec. 4, 1996 (op-ed)
  • Gerald: Questions of law, compassion, The Big Horn County (Montana) News, Oct. 23, 1996, at 5 (op-ed)
  • Allure of the Gun, Evening Sun, Oct. 19, 1990, at A9 (op-ed)

Other Publications

  • Criminal Pattern Jury Instructions: Tenth Circuit (Thomson/West, 2011 ed.) (reporter)

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