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Staff Directory

Adjunct Faculty Coordinators

Name Title Email Phone Office
Brigette Gay
General Curriculum 612-301-7556 Office: 335
Katy Hunt-Thompson
Clinics Office: N221
Christopher Soper
Legal Writing Director 612-626-1605 Office: 446
Diana Witt
Law in Practice, Moot Court, Trial Practice Office: N221


Office: N130P: 612-625-3487
Name Title Email Phone Office
Michelle Cardona Vinasco
Student Employee, 3L Admissions Ambassador
Ally Hilding
Assistant Director 612-626-1682 Office: N130A
Robin Ingli
Director 612-625-0718 Office: N130C
Maddie Mercil
Counselor 612-625-1823 Office: N130D
Madalyn Rudkin
Coordinator 612-625-3487 Office: N130
Kate Snowdon
Associate Director of Admissions 612-626-1103 Office: N130B


Office: 321P: 612-626-8539F: 612-626-2002
Name Title Email Phone Office
Elizabeth Beghelli
Assistant Director of Annual Giving 612-624-0097 Office: 321
Elissa Ecklund Chaffee
Director of Alumni Relations and Annual Giving 612-626-8671 Office: 321
Elliott Gore
Donor & Volunteer Relations Associate 612-624-2176 Office: 321
Jackie Hasselquist
Annual Giving Officer 612-625-8435 Office: 321
David Jensen
Director 612-625-2060 Office: 327
Andy Lamp
Advancement Associate 612-625-5387 Office: 321
Abigail Loyd
Major Gifts Officer 612-625-6584 Office: 321
Terese Lynch
Alumni Relations Associate 612-626-8670 Office: 321
Paul Ogren
Major Gifts Officer 612-626-1888 Office: 321


Office: 85P: 612-626-8569
Name Title Email Phone Office
Nicholas Yund
Manager 612-626-8569 Office: 85


Name Title Email Phone Office
Sam Goshorn
Software Services Manager 612-875-5717

Career Center

Office: N150P: 612-625-1866F: 612-626-7720
Name Title Email Phone Office
Wendy Griak
Career Counselor 612-625-6477 Office: N150E
Claudia Melo
Director 612-626-5060 Office: N150C
Alison Plavin
Assistant Director, Employer Relations 612-626-9467 Office: N140C
Hallie Prest
Career Counselor 612-626-2962 Office: N150A
Anne Sexton ’12
Assistant Director, Public Interest 612-625-1552 Office: N150B
Simona Suen
Sr. Recruiting and Diversity Coordinator 612-624-9057 Office: N150D


Office: 190P: 612-625-5515F: 612-624-5771
Name Title Email Phone Office
Lorena Anderson
Executive Office and Admin Specialist 612-301-8650 Office: 190
Prentiss Cox ’90
Clinic Co-Director 612-625-6810 Office: 190J
Rosa Fernandez
Student Employee 612-625-5515 Office: 190
Katy Hunt-Thompson
Clinics Adminstrator Office: N221
Perry Moriearty
Clinic Co-Director 612-625-4562 Office: 190P
Shari Ober
Executive Ofc and Admin Spec 612-624-3576 Office: 190
Caitlin Stephan
Student Employee 612-625-5515 Office: 190
Jean Wells
Clinic Administrative Coordinator 612-625-2597 Office: 190

Communications & Events

Name Title Email Phone Office
Mark A. Cohen
Director 612-625-6691 Office: 421
Olivia Kurtz
Event Manager 612-624-1885 Office: 411
Sue Minor
Web Developer 612-624-3728 Office: 260
Monica Wittstock
Associate Director 612-626-1963 Office: 417

Continuing Legal Education (CLE)

P: 612-624-1885
Name Title Email Phone Office
CLE Information 612-624-1885

Corporate Institute

Office: 90/94P: 612-624-2407
Name Title Email Phone Office
Emily Buchholz ’10
Executive Director 612-625-4641 Office: 94
Kristin Hickman
Associate Director 612-624-2915 Office: 314
John Matheson
Director 612-625-3879 Office: N222

Curriculum Development

Office: 327
Name Title Email Phone Office
Julia Bach
Program Assistant 612-301-7556 Office: 335
Brigette Gay
Program Manager 612-301-7556 Office: 335
William McGeveran
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs 612-625-6047 Office: 316
Carol Rachac
Director of Curriculum Administration 612-625-3557 Office: 331
Kim Ronning
Director of Academic and Bar Success 612-626-9106 Office: 441

Dean's Office

Office: 381P: 612-625-4841
Name Title Email Phone Office
Christa Daszkiewicz
Senior Office Supervisor 612-625-9073 Office: 381
Amanda Furst
Chief of Staff 612-626-7517 Office: 381

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