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By recruiting students and alumni of the University of Minnesota Law School, you gain access to an elite, diverse, and well-rounded population of professionals. Our law students come to the University of Minnesota Law School from throughout the U.S. as well as several foreign countries and represent top LSAT and GPA's nationwide. Please refer to our Law School Profile for complete information.

As one of a small number of schools with a second-year writing requirement in addition to both first- and third-year writing, the Law School requires each student to participate in one of four student law-review caliber journals or on one of eight moot court programs. In each Moot Court, students participate in a year-long, academically supervised and graded appellate practice in which they work on refining both written and oral communication skills. A complete description of our Legal Writing, Moot Court, and Journals is available at http://www.law.umn.edu/current/practicalskills.html.

GRADES: The Law School has a standard distribution for grades in order to prevent grade inflation. For first year courses, the average (mean) of all grades in a given course must fall between a 3.000 ("B") and a 3.333 ("B+"). The same curve is encouraged for upper division lecture courses.

HONORS: At graduation, honors are awarded on the basis of the cumulative Law School grade point average. Cumulative grade point averages are calculated to three decimal points, and are not rounded. The basis of awarding honors is:

  • 3.333 and above Cum laude
  • 3.5 and above Magna cum laude
  • 4.0 and above Summa cum laude
  • Order of the Coif: Members of the student body in the top 10 percent of the graduating class are eligible for election to the Order of the Coif.



Letter Grade
A+ 4.333
A 4.000
A- 3.667
B+ 3.333
B 3.000
B- 2.667
C+ 2.333
C 2.000
C- 1.667
D 1.000
F 0

QUARTILES & CLASS RANK: For information about Quartiles & Class rank, please refer to this information:



Employers posting positions must comply with the Law School's non-discrimination policy, available here. Additionally, the Fair Labor Standards Act prohibits unpaid internships with for-profit entities when course credit is not available. To read more, please click here.

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