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Evidence #6219

Full course & section details
  • Details:

           EVIDENCE U. of Minn. Law School Summer, 2015 (Shumaker)

    ASSIGNMENTS FOR FIRST WEEK—Tuesday, May 26 and Wednesday, May 27  (Note that the documents mentioned will be on TWEN)

    1.  Read the Course Syllabus (3 pages)

    2.  Scan the General Discussion Outline and Reading Assignments (13 pages)

    3.  Browse through the NITA Federal Rules of Evidence manual.  Note that the full text of the Federal Rules (FRE) is printed beginning at page 151.  Although the course text has most (not all) of the federal rules, they are distributed through the text chapters.  This manual is more convenient.  I will tell you more about using the manual later.

    4.  Read Sections A, B and C of Chapter 1 in the course text.

    5.  Note that the first topic on the course outline (Critical Concepts) is not covered specifically in the text.  So, for a class or two, there will be a bit more lecture than will be normal later.  To prepare for this topic, read the 6 rules noted on the outline.

    6.  Because we have not met yet, I cannot predict how fast we will proceed.  A rule of thumb that might be useful is to try to stay at least 1 class ahead in your reading.  The pace cannot be leisurely because the summer course is a bit condensed.  So, try your best not to fall behind.

     7.  My email contact is noted on the syllabus.  If you have questions or concerns, please send a message.

  • Syllabus: Available on Inside.Law Access restricted resource icon

Judicial Externship #6057