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Disability Services

The Law School provides reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities, which include both physical accessibility and necessary instructional or examination modifications. To determine appropriate accommodations, the student must submit medical and/or diagnosis documentation to the University's Disability Services office, whose specialists are trained to review and make accommodations recommendations based on a student's individual needs.

Disability Services, not the Law School, retains records regarding students' disabilities, diagnosis, and other relevant information. Please call their office, located in Suite 180 of the McNamara Alumni Center, at 626-1333 to schedule an intake appointment.

Students are advised that, in the interest of preserving student privacy and the blind grading protocol, all correspondence between the Law School and Disability Services specialists is routed through the Dean of Students office, not provided directly to instructors. If students receive recommendations for accommodations, they should provide them to the Dean of Students office, and not to faculty. Students are especially cautioned NOT to request exam modifications or variances from faculty. On receipt of recommendations, the Assistant Dean of Students coordinates with the student, Disability Services office, and instructors to ensure provision of appropriate accommodations.

Physical accommodations at the Law School can include accessibility to classrooms, library, clinics, courtrooms, lounges, faculty and administrative offices, computer lab, parking lot, and 24-hour building access. Elevators have Braille markings and push button controls, the hallways are wide, and the classrooms have wheelchair-height writing desks. Students may use the card-access elevator in the Library upon request and with evidence of need.

Questions regarding building accessibility may be addressed to Erin Keyes, Assistant Dean of Students, Room 472, or to Linda Lokensgard, Building Manager, Room 474.