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Private v. Public Data and Record Suppression

The University and the Law School keep student contact information on record in different locations and students can specify how much of their directory information is made public in both situations.

University Records

Directory/public information is information contained in an education record of a student that would not generally be considered harmful or an invasion of privacy if disclosed to the public. Public/directory information at the University of Minnesota is as follows: name, address, phone number, University assigned email address, dates of enrollment, enrollment status (full/part-time, not enrolled), college(s), major(s), adviser(s), class (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior), academic awards and honors, and degree(s) received.

Since the University has defined the above mentioned information as directory information, students have the right to suppress, or limit, its release. By visiting https://onestop2.umn.edu/personaldemographics/ viewDirectorySuppression.do, a student is able to specify which information can be released to a third party without their prior written consent.

However, students should note that suppression might have undesirable consequences. With some options instructors or classmates might be unable to contact you about assignments and you might not receive notices of some services. Additionally, and of particular importance once a student graduates, if "full" suppression is selected the fact of your attendance will not be released; prospective employers, financial institutions, or others offering services will be unable to have the Law School verify your attendance.

Zoobook Directory Information

The Zoobook is the Law School's on-line Facebook and directory for student, staff and faculty use. Whether through the intranet or a printed version, the Zoobook is intended only for use in Law School related communications and activities. Each Fall, basic information (phone and email) is pulled from One Stop, so it is necessary for all students to keep information on One Stop as accurate and up-to-date as possible. Students are also given the option to opt-out of having their information published in the Zoobook in August. This opt-out process is separate from the University's suppression system.