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Gregory Shaffer

Melvin C. Steen Professor of Law

Gregory Shaffer

N230 Mondale Hall
229–19th Ave. South
Minneapolis, MN 55455



Dartmouth College, B.A.
Stanford Law School, J.D.

Professor Gregory Shaffer is the Melvin C. Steen Professor of Law at the University of Minnesota Law School. He previously was Professor at the University of Wisconsin Law School, Director of the university's European Union Center of Excellence, Co-Director of its Center on World Affairs and the Global Economy (WAGE), and Wing-Tat Lee Chair at Loyola University Chicago School of Law. He received his B.A., magna cum laude, from Dartmouth College and his J.D., with distinction, from Stanford Law School. He practiced law in Paris for seven years for Coudert Frères and Bredin Prat, where he was a member of the Paris bar.

He teaches courses in international law, international trade law, transnational law, European Union law, administrative law, and constitutional law, among other areas, and conducts a variety of research seminars.

Professor Shaffer's publications include Transnational Legal Orders (with Terrence Halliday, Cambridge UP, 2014 forthcoming), Transnational Legal Ordering and State Change (Cambridge UP, 2013), Dispute Settlement at the WTO: The Developing Country Experience (with Ricardo Melendez-Ortiz, Cambridge UP, 2010), When Cooperation Fails: The International Law and Politics of Genetically Modified Foods (with Mark Pollack, Oxford UP, 2009), Defending Interests: Public-Private Partnerships in WTO Litigation (Brookings Institution Press, 2003), Transatlantic Governance in the Global Economy (with Mark Pollack, Rowman & Littlefield 2001), and over 80 articles and book chapters on international trade law, global governance, and globalization's impact on domestic regulation. Professor Shaffer's work is cross-disciplinary and empirical, addressing such topics as public-private networks in international trade litigation; comparative institutional approaches to trade-social policy conflicts; and national regulation in global context. His papers can be downloaded from SSRN at http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/cf_dev/AbsByAuth.cfm?per_id=85914.

Professor Shaffer is Vice President of the American Society of International Law, where he has also served as Honorary Counsel, member of the Executive Council, member of the Executive Committee, and co-Chair of the ASIL's International Economic Law Group. He is also founding Board member of the Society of International Economic Law, and Chair of the AALS Section on Economic Globalization and Governance. He is a recipient of multiple U.S. National Science Foundation awards, was a Fernand Braudel Fellow at the European University Institute, a Fulbright Senior Research Scholar in Rome, and a Visiting Scholar at the American Bar Foundation and at Columbia Law School. Among his numerous presentations, he was a speaker at three of the five conferences organized by the WTO Appellate Body for its tenth anniversary, held in Tokyo, Cairo and Sao Paulo. Professor Shaffer is the Senior Research Fellow in the program on developing countries and WTO dispute settlement at the International Centre on Trade and Sustainable Development in Geneva (see http://www.ictsd.org).

Professor Shaffer has also published one chapbook of poems, Forest (Artemis, 1998), and his poems have appeared in around a dozen journals.

For more information, download Prof. Shaffer's CV here.



Transnational Legal Ordering and State Change (Cambridge University Press, 2013) (editor)

Dispute Settlement at the WTO: The Developing Country Experience (Cambridge University Press, 2010) (co-editor with Ricardo Melendez-Ortiz)

When Cooperation Fails: The International Law and Politics of Genetically Modified Foods (Oxford University Press, 2009) (with Mark A. Pollack)

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Defending Interests: Public Private Partnerships in W.T.O. Litigation (Brookings Institution Press, 2003)

Transatlantic Governance in the Global Economy (Rowman & Littlefield, 2001) (co-editor with Mark A. Pollack)

Law Review Publications

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An Alternative to Unilateral Immigration Controls: Toward a Coordinated U.S.-Mexico Binational Approach, 41 Stanford Law Review 187-232 (1988) (note)

Peer-Reviewed Journal Publications

Transnationalism, Unilateralism and International Law, 1 Transnational Environmental Law 31-41 (2012) (with Daniel Bodansky)

International Law and Global Public Goods in a Legal Pluralist World, 23 European Journal of International Law 669-693 (2012)

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Book Chapters

The Rise of Middle-Income Countries in the International Trading System, in Law and Development of Middle-Income Countries: Avoiding the Middle-Income Trap 59-83 (Randall Peerenboom & Tom Ginsburg, eds., Cambridge University Press, 2014) (with Charles Sutton)

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Conclusion: The Study of Transnational Legal Ordering, in Transnational Legal Ordering and State Change 212-215 (Gregory Shaffer, ed., Cambridge University Press, 2013)

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Publications in Translation

Weaknesses and proposed improvements to the WTO Dispute Settlement System: an economic and market view, in 10 Anos de OMC: Uma analise do Sistema de Solucao de Controversias e Perspectivas (Luiz Olavo Baptista, Umberto Celli Junior & Alan Yanovich, eds., Edicoes Aduaneiras, 2006) (edited volume in Portuguese)

"Public-private Partnerships" in WTO Dispute Settlement: The US and EU Experience, in The WTO in the Twenty-first Century: Dispute Settlement, Negotiations, and Regionalism in Asia (Yasuhei Taniguchi, Alan Yanovich & Jan Bohanes, eds., Cambridge University Press, 2007) (Japanese translation published in Kokusai-Shoji-Homu (Journal of the Japanese Institute of International Business Law) (Fall 2005))

Les Differentes Approches de la Securite Alimentaire (Comparaison Union europeen/Etats Unis), in La securite alimentaire dans l'union europeenne (Jacques Bourrinet & Francis Snyder, eds., CERIC, 2003) (with Mark A. Pollack)

Book Reviews

A Transnational Take on Krisch's Pluralist Postnational Law, 23 European Journal of International Law 565 (2012) (reviewing Nico Krisch, Beyond Constitutionalism: The Pluralist Structure of Postnational Law (Oxford University Press, 2010)) (review essay)

Transnational Recursivity Theory: A Review Essay of Halliday & Carruther's Bankrupt, 9 Socio-Economic Review 371 (2011) (reviewing Terence C. Halliday & Bruce G. Carruthers, Bankrupt: Global Lawmaking and Systemic Financial Crisis (Stanford University Press, 2010))

Honors & Fellowships

Fernand Braudel Scholar, European University Institute, Fiesole, Italy (Jan.-May 2009)

Fulbright Grant, Senior Research Scholar, Rome, Italy, Office at UN Food and Agricultural Organization and at Italian Constitutional Court (Jan.-June 2007)

National Science Foundation Law and Social Science Awards (Two received for empirical work; around $200,000 total)

Senior Research Fellow, International Centre on Trade and Sustainable Development (ICTSD), WTO and developing countries (2004-present)

Executive Council, American Society of International Law (2009-2012)

Executive Committee, American Society of International Law (2011-2012)

Chair, Interest Group Committee, American Society of International Law (2011-present)

Co-Director, ASIL International Economic Law Group (2009- 2011)

Co-Chair, Program Committee, Law and Society Association (2013 Annual Meeting)

NSF-funded International Research Collaborative, Law and Society Association, Transnational Legal Orders (Coordinator, Jan. 2006-present)

Advisory Board, Journal of Transnational Environmental Law (2011-present)

Founding Executive Council Member, Society of International Economic Law (2008)

Director, University of Wisconsin European Union Center of Excellence (May 2004-July 2006)

Co-Director, University of Wisconsin Center on World Affairs and the Global Economy (May 2004-July 2006)

Affiliated Faculty, Center on Law & Globalization (ABF-Illinois) (2008-)

Affiliated Scholar, University of Wisconsin, Institute for Legal Studies (2007-present)

University of Wisconsin Vilas Award (Research award from UW; $85,000 award for 2004-2006)

Visiting Scholar, American Bar Foundation (Jan.-Aug. 2004)

Distinguished Visiting Professor, DePaul University College of Law (Fall 2003)

Visiting Scholar, Columbia Law School (Fall semester 2002)


Administrative Law
Constitutional Law
EU Law
International Law
International Trade Law

How International and Transnational Law Work
Transnational Legal Orders