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Faculty News

for July, 2015

Prof. Kirtley's Article on Hulk Hogan Privacy Case Published by The Conversation

July 6, 2015

Professor Jane Kirtley's essay, "Gawker—and First Amendment—May Receive Body Blow from Another Thin-Skinned Wrestler" was published by The Conversation, an online publisher of articles written by members of the academic and research community. In her essay, Kirtley discussed the invasion of privacy lawsuit filed by wrestler Hulk Hogan against Gawker for posting a sex tape which Gawker claims is newsworthy. She compared the case to former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura's libel suit over the book, American Sniper. Kirtley argued that "A ruling for Hogan could send a strong message that online sites should be very wary of posting videos of celebrities misbehaving, even if they think the content is newsworthy."

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Prof. Carpenter Quoted in Star Tribune on Minneapolis Couple's Fight for Same-Sex Marriage

July 5, 2015

Professor Dale Carpenter was quoted in a Star Tribune article entitled "43 Years Later, Minneapolis Couple's Fight for Marriage Vindicated." More than four decades before the U.S. Supreme Court affirmed the right of same-sex couples to marry nationwide, Jack Baker ('72) and Michael McConnell applied for a marriage license and were wed in Minnesota. The decision "represents a kind of constitutional apology to Jack Baker and Mike McConnell, 43 years later," said Carpenter.

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Prof. Carbone's Work on Red Families v. Blue Families Discussed in Desert News National

July 4, 2015

Professor June Carbone's 2010 book Red Families v. Blue Families with Naomi Cahn received renewed attention with publication of a new study testing the sources of family stability. The most recent article, in the Desert News National, discussed factors that produce different family configurations in different parts of the country.

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Prof. Kitrosser's Book, Reclaiming Accountability, Discussed in Boston Review

July 1, 2015

Professor Heidi Kitrosser's book, Reclaiming Accountability: Transparency, Executive Power, and the U.S. Constitution, is discussed in the most recent edition of Boston Review. The authors identify Kitrosser's work within a tradition of legal analysis that rejects claims of uncheckable presidential power and secrecy. Because the authors ultimately dismiss the significance of legal and political checks to combat executive secrecy, Kitrosser responds in a comment on the Boston Review website. She observes that "the problem is overwhelmingly large and complex, and that law alone is not the answer. But to the extent that law is a piece of the problem, and a piece of the answer/s, it ought not to be neglected."

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