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Faculty News

for May, 2015

Prof. Hill Presents New Project at ALI 2015 Annual Meeting

May 20, 2015

At the 2015 American Law Institute Annual Meeting, Professor Claire Hill, who is an associate reporter on risk management on a new project on compliance, risk management, governance, and enforcement, together with the project's reporter, Geoff Miller of NYU, presented an introduction to the project. Hill discussed the coverage of the risk management project.

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Prof. Vaaler Quoted and Research Noted in Article on Investment in Africa

May 16, 2015

Professor Paul Vaaler was interviewed by Africa Business magazine for an article on recent investment trends in Sub-Saharan Africa, which noted Vaaler's research findings on sovereign credit rating and government borrowing. His 2013 article in Economics Letters, "Credit Rating Agencies and Elections in Emerging Democracies: Guardians of Fiscal Discipline?" demonstrates that governments in many "new democracies" of the developing world borrow and spend excessively in the run-up to elections. But those governments with higher sovereign credit ratings borrow less, suggesting that agencies "discipline" politicians vulnerable to such political budget cycle behavior. Vaaler's research suggests that agencies could help new democracies in Sub-Saharan Africa avoid electorally-motivated policy distortions that decrease long-term economic growth and development.

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Prof. Osofsky Receives Faculty Woman Scholar/Leader Award

May 15, 2015

Professor Hari Osofsky has received the University of Minnesota's 2015 Sara Evans Faculty Woman Scholar/Leader Award, which is sponsored by the Office for Faculty & Academic Affairs and the Women's Center. The award recognizes women faculty at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities who have achieved significant national and international accomplishments and honors and who contribute as leaders on campus.

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Prof. Shen to Present in Webinar on Politics in Science

May 14, 2015

Professor Francis Shen will present during a May 14 webinar, hosted by Social Science Spaces and the American Academy of Political and Social Science, entitled "When Science and Politics Collide." Shen will discuss how neuroscience moves from the lab to courts and legislatures, encountering obstacles along the way.

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Prof. Carbone Quoted in New York Times on Falling Non-Marital Birth Rates

May 8, 2015

Professor June Carbone was quoted in the New York Times Upshot column on the decline in the non-marital birth rates. She linked the result not just to an increase in older women having children, the main point of the story, but to a decline in the fertility rates of younger women. The large increase in non-marital birth occurred when women under the age of 25, who were often married because of a pregnancy, stopped marrying the fathers, but continued to have the child anyway. These women are now having fewer children.

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Prof. Kirtley Speaks at Indiana Government Information Day

May 7, 2015

Professor Jane Kirtley was a featured speaker at the second biennial Indiana Government Information Day held at the Indiana State Library in Indianapolis. The audience included government and law school librarians as well as members of the public. Her speech was entitled "The Digital Paradox: Practical Obscurity, the Right to be Forgotten, and Other Threats to Access to Government Information."

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Prof. McGeveran Interviewed on Court Ruling About NSA Surveillance

May 7, 2015

Professor William McGeveran, an expert in data privacy law, was interviewed live on Wisconsin Public Radio and WCCO News Radio about a federal appeals court decision finding the NSA's bulk collection of telephone records violated the law. He discussed the implications of the ruling and its possible effect on debates in Congress about the program's future.

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Prof. Hill Speaks on Business Law Panel at Fifth Circuit Judicial Conference

May 5, 2015

Professor Claire Hill presented a talk, "What, if Anything, Should the Law do About Short-Termism?" at the Fifth Circuit Judicial Conference in New Orleans. She argued that notwithstanding classical precepts, some corporate actors may be furthering short- rather than long-term interests, but that market and other forces may be pushing market actors more towards the long term.

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Prof. Ni Aolain's Blog Post on 'Petitions, Human Rights, and Government Service' Cited in Huffington Post

May 5, 2015

Professor Fionnuala Ni Aolain's "Just Security" blog post on "Petitions, Human Rights, and Government Service," was cited in a Huffington Post article entitled "Legality of Drone Warfare or Illegality of Drone Assassination? Let a Real Debate Begin!"

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Prof. Carbone Writes Article on Marriage in Forbes Magazine

May 4, 2015

Professor June Carbone, author of Marriage Markets: How Inequality is Remaking the American Family (with Naomi Cahn), wrote an article on when to get married in Forbes Magazine entitled "Don't Get Married Until You Know Who You're Going To Be When You Grow Up."

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Prof. Clarke Receives Dukeminier Award for "Inferring Desire" Article

May 3, 2015

Professor Jessica Clarke's article, "Inferring Desire," 63 DUKE L.J. 525 (2013), was selected by the Williams Institute and UCLA School of Law to receive the Dukeminier Award and Ezekiel Webber prize. The Dukeminier Awards recognize each year's best sexual orientation and gender identity law review articles.

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