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for September, 2014

Prof. Cox Interviewed by NPR Marketplace and KARE 11 on U.S. Bank Being Fined for Charging Customers for Anti-Theft Services They Didn't Receive

September 26, 2014

Professor Prentiss Cox was quoted in a story on National Public Radio's Marketplace about a recent enforcement action by the U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). The defendant in the enforcement action was U.S. Bank. The CFPB alleged that the bank had improperly charged customer credit card and bank accounts for "add-on" fraud prevention and other services. Cox noted the irony that deceptive sales practices often have been alleged in the sale of these types of services. Cox also appeared on KARE 11 regarding the same CFPB case, and he stated that U.S. Bank should have been aware of the problems with this type of product because it had been sued by the Minnesota Attorney General's Office in 1999 regarding similar sales practices and products. Cox serves on a CFPB advisory board.

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Prof. Kritzer Quoted in Minnesota Lawyer on Judicial Recusal Denial

September 25, 2014

Professor Herbert Kritzer was quoted in a Minnesota Lawyer article concerning Judge Susan Miles denial of a request that she recuse herself from a divorce case after Julie LaFleur, who is challenging Judge Miles in the upcoming election, took over the representation of the ex-husband in the case from another lawyer. Kritzer observed that while normally one would expect a judge to recuse him or herself in a case being handled by an opponent in an upcoming election, this case presented an unusual issue because LaFleur took on the case more than two months after filing to oppose Judge Miles. The timing makes it appear that the ex-husband's decision to retain LaFleur at least in part motivated as a means of getting Judge Miles removed from the case during post-decree proceedings challenging Judge Miles decision to award substantial attorney's fees to the ex-wife's attorney.

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Prof. Carbone Interviewed on Texas Public Radio on Her New Book, Marriage Markets

September 24, 2014

Professor June Carbone was interviewed on Texas Public Radio on her new book, Marriage Markets: How Inequality is Remaking the American Family (Oxford University Press), co-authored with Naomi Cahn of George Washington University. Carbone spoke about the relationship between growing inequality and falling marriage rates.

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Prof. Kitrosser Quoted in Detroit Free Press on Executive Secrecy

September 21, 2014

Professor Heidi Kitrosser was quoted in a Detroit Free Press article entitled "Governor, Lawmakers Off Limits Under Public Records Law." In the article, Kitrosser explains that executive officers most often cite the need for candor in high-level discussions in seeking exemptions from public records laws.

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Prof. Hill Quoted in Star Tribune on Tax Inversions

September 20, 2014

Professor Claire Hill was quoted in a Star Tribune article on a recent poll on tax inversions. Inversions are transactions in which U.S. companies reincorporate in other countries with lower tax rates. Hill noted that inversions had become the "devil du jour" even though companies can and do use many techniques to reduce their taxes. She also noted that a comprehensive tax reform proposal would be preferable to simply addressing inversions, but that the latter was probably more likely given the negative attention inversions have attracted.

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Prof. Schwarcz Featured on NPR's Planet Money Podcast

September 19, 2014

Professor Daniel Schwarcz was featured in National Public Ratio's Planet Money Podcast, which examined the content of homeowners insurance policies.

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Prof. Klass Quoted in Star Tribune on Dispute Between St. Paul and Railroad

September 19, 2014

Professor Alexandra Klass was quoted in the Star Tribune on the topic of federal preemption of state and local law. The article covered an ongoing dispute between the City of St. Paul and the Canadian Pacific Railway over the proposed expansion of a railroad switching yard. The city is concerned about the potential adverse environmental impacts of the expansion, including destruction of wetlands and wildlife habitat. But federal law limits the ability of cities and states to impose local and state laws on certain railroad operations.

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Prof. Klass Quoted in Article on Expansion of Alberta Clipper Oil Pipeline

September 17, 2014

Professor Alexandra Klass was quoted in an InsideClimate News article regarding the proposed expansion of the Alberta Clipper oil pipeline to bring tar sands oil from Canada to Superior, Wisconsin, where the oil is transferred to other pipelines for transport to refineries in the Midwest and South. The pipeline begins in Alberta and travels through Saskatchewan, Manitoba, North Dakota, and Minnesota before ending in Superior. Environmental groups oppose the pipeline expansion because of the adverse environmental effects associated with developing tar sands oil, which is the same type of oil at issue in the more well-known Keystone XL pipeline controversy. Enbridge Energy, the owner of the Alberta Clipper pipeline, is awaiting approval from the U.S. State Department for the pipeline expansion, which is required because the pipeline crosses an international border. While it awaits State Department approval, Enbridge has proposed to transfer oil from the Alberta Clipper Pipeline to a nearby pipeline with available capacity prior to the border crossing and then switch the oil back to the Alberta Clipper pipeline after the border crossing. Enbridge argues it may do this without State Department approval and environmental groups are threatening to bring legal action.

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Prof. Carpenter Writes Article for Washington Post Entitled "Justice Ginsburg: 'No urgency' Yet on Same-sex Marriage"

September 16, 2014

Professor Dale Carpenter wrote an article for the Washington Post about Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's appearance at the Law School for the Stein Lecture on Sept. 16. Justice Ginsburg, he noted, told the audience that since appeals courts so far have been unanimous in striking down laws limiting marriage to opposite-sex couples there is no immediate need for the Supreme Court to review the matter.

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Prof. Borgida Quoted in Pioneer Press on Implicit Racial Bias

September 3, 2014

Professor Eugene Borgida was quoted in the Pioneer Press on implicit racial bias in the treatment of a man accused of trespass in a public area of the St. Paul skyway system, subjected to Taser, and taken to jail—all while waiting to pick up his children. Borgida comments, "One of the issues here for me is what is driving these officers to...quickly escalate in their rhetoric and actions... This is not a guy...doing anything illegal... But people of color daily experience these kinds of aggression..."

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