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for August, 2013

Prof. Wolf Quoted in New York Times and Star Tribune on Posthumous Reproduction

August 30, 2013

Professor Susan Wolf was quoted in the New York Times and Star Tribune in an article on the problems raised by using the sperm, eggs, and embryos of deceased individuals to conceive. An individual with cancer, for example, may store gametes and then die, leaving a partner who wishes to use the gametes to reproduce. Cases have already arisen litigating the rights of these posthumously conceived children. Wolf notes that "Posthumous reproduction is the perfect storm of competing interests. There's the surviving partner who wants to reproduce, the interests of the deceased while they were alive or as they memorialized them, the pre-existing kids who don't want their interest diluted and finally the kids who are brought into the picture but who may be financially most at risk." Click here to read the NYT article, "Fertility Treatments Produce Heirs Their Parents Never Knew." Click here to read the Star Tribune article.

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Profs. Gross and Ni Aolain Publish Book on Exceptional Courts and Military Commissions

August 29, 2013

Professors Oren Gross and Fionnuala Ni Aolain's book, Guantanamo and Beyond: Exceptional Courts and Military Commissions in Comparative Perspective, has just been published. The book provides a deep policy, comparative and historical, on the use of military commissions and exceptional courts in many democratic states across the world. It brings together the viewpoints of leading scholars and policy makers on the topic of exceptional courts and military commissions with a series of unique contributions setting out the current "state of the field." The book assesses the relationship between such courts and other intersecting and overlapping legal arenas including constitutional law, international law, international human rights law, and international humanitarian law. By examining the comparative patterns, similarities and disjunctions arising from the use of such courts, the book also analyzes the political and legal challenges that the creation and operation of exceptional courts produces both within democratic states and for the international community. Support from the Robina Foundation enabled Ni Aolain and Gross to bring together the diverse and multi-disciplinary group of scholars that collectively contributed to the book.

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Prof. Gross Interviewed by FOX 9 on U.S. Attack on Syria

August 28, 2013

Professor Oren Gross was interviewed by FOX 9 on a possible U.S. attack on Syria. Gross said, "Between Hezbollah and al Qaeda getting control of those chemical weapons, it's damned if you do, damned if you don't."

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Prof. Landsman Profiled in NPR Article on Resisting Parents' Racial Biases

August 28, 2013

Emeritus Clinical Professor Maury Landsman was profiled in an NPR article entitled "Joining the '63 March, Despite Parents' Racial Biases." The article is part of a special series partnered with "The Race Card Project: Six-Word Essays." The article stated, "When asked to offer a six-word statement on race relations today, 50 years after the march, for The Race Card Project, Landsman put it this way: 'Progress, but we are falling back.'"

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Prof. Warren Speaks on WCCO News Radio on Dr. King's Dream Still Far From Being Reached in Twin Cities

August 28, 2013

Professor Carl Warren was a guest on WCCO News Radio for a segment entitled "Twin Cities still Far from Reaching Dr. Martin Luther King's Dream." "Especially the Twin Cities metro area, we see that our schools and communities are re-segregating at an alarming rate," Warren said. "So the question is, are the ideals expressed in the 'I have a Dream' speech, still our ideals? We've made some strides it's true, but in many ways we've stopped making progress."

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Prof. Gross Answers WCCO's 'Good Question' on U.S. Intervention in Syria

August 27, 2013

Professor Oren Gross appeared in the "Good Question" segment on WCCO News, answering the question, "Why is the U.S. Getting Involved in Syria Now?" Gross discussed the legal and moral issues pertaining to a possible military intervention by the United States in Syria.

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Prof. Kirtley Chats about Law and Ethics of Blogging from Courtrooms

August 27, 2013

Professor Jane Kirtley took part in an online chat discussing the legal and ethical issues that arise when reporters and citizen journalists live-blog and Tweet from courtrooms during trials and other legal proceedings. The chat was sponsored by ScribbleLive.

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Prof. Orfield Answers WCCO's 'Good Question' on Achievement Gap in Minnesota

August 21, 2013

Professor Myron Orfield appeared in the "Good Question" segment on WCCO News, answering the question, "Why Such a Large Achievement Gap in Minnesota Classrooms?" "One of the reasons that this inequality is great is that whites here do exceptionally well. The white population here is very well educated, very healthy, very prosperous," Orfield said. "The good question to ask is, 'Why haven't blacks who live here locally been able to keep up with whites in the same way?'" he said. "I think that's rooted a lot in the deep racial segregation we have between blacks and whites in the neighborhoods and school systems we have...in the way we experience Minnesota."

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Prof. Sanders Speaks on WCCO News Radio on National Security

August 18, 2013

Professor Amy Kristin Sanders was a guest on WCCO's News & Views with Roshini Rajkumar. Sanders weighed the arguments of how far the "national security" should be taken when it comes to privacy.

Prof. Feld Quoted in Star Tribune on Increase of Stops by Cops in Downtown Minneapolis, North Side

August 14, 2013

Professor Barry Feld was quoted in a Star Tribune article entitled "Stops by Cops Increase in Downtown Minneapolis, North Side." With other Minneapolis areas seeing a decline in stops, many questions on race and crime trends have come up. The article stated: "University of Minnesota law Prof. Barry Feld said more information is needed to understand what's driving up the number of stops this year. 'You also have to look at how often those stops lead to either the recovery of evidence or weapons,' he said. Such an analysis of the 'hit rate' could offer clues to whether minorities get stopped more often than whites for frivolous reasons."

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Prof. Orfield Quoted in Pioneer Press on School Integration Funding Aims

August 12, 2013

Professor Myron Orfield was quoted in a Pioneer Press article entitled "Minnesota's School Integration Funding Aims for Diversity -- and Results." Orfield appraised the integration aid reforms of the last legislative session. He believed they were headed in the right direction.

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Prof. Painter Quoted in New York Times on Lawrence Summers's Candidacy for Federal Reserve Chairman

August 10, 2013

Professor Richard Painter, a former chief ethics lawyer for President George W. Bush, was quoted in a New York Times article on former Harvard President Lawrence Summers's candidacy for nomination by President Obama as Chairman of the Federal Reserve. Painter predicted that Summers's work in finance would not derail his nomination or confirmation, saying that the United States has recently "had two secretaries of the Treasury, which is a regulatory position, who were chairmen of Goldman Sachs." Painter noted that if Summers became Fed chairman, he would have to fully divest himself of all interests in the financial companies he works with.

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Prof. Kirtley Appears on Four Panels at Association for Education in Journalism Annual Conference

August 9, 2013

Professor Jane Kirtley discussed legal issues arising for journalism programs that sponsor student-operated news bureaus on a panel, "Student Media, J-School Newsrooms, and Class Publications: Can They Coexist?" at the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication convention in Washington, D.C. Kirtley organized and moderated two other panels, entitled "Freedom of Speech and the Press Around the World: Approaches to Reconciling Diverse Values" and "Current Issues at the Federal Communications Commission: What's Likely to Change after the 2012 Elections?" In addition, she presented her paper, "The Future of Privileges for the Press," at a pre-conference panel, "AEJMC Press Freedom Summit Workshop."

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Prof. Orfield's Work on Exclusionary Rule Cited by Ninth Circuit

August 6, 2013

Professor Myron Orfield's study of the exclusionary rule published in the University of Chicago Law Review was cited by the Ninth Circuit in United States v. Underwood, 2013 WL 3988675 (9th Cir. August 6, 2013) for the proposition that "the exclusionary rule has helped police more effectively secure evidence without violating the law and the rights of American Citizens...and that it has improved the quality of police training, education and case reporting."

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Prof. Carpenter Speaks on TPT's Almanac on Same-Sex Marriage Law

August 2, 2013

Professor Dale Carpenter was a guest on Twin Cities Public Television's Almanac show to talk about Minnesota's same-sex marriage law. Carpenter spoke about the new law and how it relates to federal tax forms, federal benefits and other issues.

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Dean Wippman and Prof. Ni Aolain Quoted in MinnPost on Case of Drone Killings Provoking Fear among Minnesota Muslims

August 2, 2013

Dean David Wippman and Professor Fionnuala Ni Aolain were quoted in a MinnPost article entitled "Case of Drone Killings Provokes Fear among Minnesota Muslims, Debate in Local Legal Circles."

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Prof. Painter Quoted in Bloomberg News on Potential Nomination of Lawrence Summers for Fed Chairman

August 1, 2013

Professor Richard Painter was quoted in a Bloomberg News article on the potential nomination by President Obama of former Harvard University President Lawrence Summers to replace Ben Bernanke as Chairman of the Federal Reserve. Painter, who vetted Bernanke for President Bush in 2006, told Bloomberg that Summers' Wall Street ties are typical for potential appointees to financial regulatory posts and that his experience is "the type of training that you want" for the position.

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