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Faculty News

for September, 2007

Stras Quoted by Bloomberg News

September 26, 2007

Professor Stras was interviewed and quoted in an article written by Greg Stohr for Bloomberg News. The subject of the article was Justice Clarence Thomas' influence, both on the Court and within society at large. Professor Stras was quoted as saying that Justice Thomas' influence transcends the Court because he is an original and independent thinker, but he often writes only for himself in his concurrences and dissents.

Professor Hill Quoted in CQ Weekly

September 24, 2007

Professor Claire A. Hill was quoted in a story on the rating agencies' role in the subprime crisis. "In the end, the industry may be stuck playing a kind of catch-up with financial innovation," said Professor Hill, an expert on ratings. There is an incentive to develop instruments that promise bigger returns without an increase in risk. "Neither investors nor the ratings agencies looked at the new instruments with a sufficiently critical eye," Hill said.

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Simon Quoted in Minneapolis City Pages

September 20, 2007

Professor Steve Simon was quoted in City Pages in an article about police tactics used to catch prostitutes. He discussed the efforts that he and his misdemeanor defense clinic students have taken to challenge, based on the constitutional concept of conduct which shocks the conscience, the legality of the behavior that undercover police officers engaged in to arrest women involved in prostitution.

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Kirtley Quoted in Pioneer Press

September 19, 2007

Prof. Kirtley was quoted in "Ridder ordered out as Star Tribune publisher," in the Pioneer Press. Discussing a decision by the Ramsey County District Court, Kirtley said that "the ruling was a necessary check on media ethics that 'really doesn't cover anybody in glory.'"

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Cribari on WCCO on Fair Trial & Impartial Jury

September 18, 2007

"Could O.J. Simpson get a fair trial?" Professor Stephen Cribari appeared on the "Good Question" segment of WCCO TV's ten o'clock news discussing fair trial and impartial juror issues in light of O.J. Simpson's latest run-in with the criminal justice system.

Orfield Quoted on St. Paul School Choice

September 17, 2007

Professor Orfield was cited in a recent Star Tribune article "A course in marketing," about the St. Paul public school district competing for students against private, charter, and public schools outside the district to retain local students. According to Orfield, "A school district that has an increasing number of racially and socially segregated schools has never been able to maintain a stable enrollment. As neighborhood schools become more segregated, people with choices don't choose them."

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Morrison Quoted in NY Times on Plea Withdrawal

September 11, 2007

Dean Fred L. Morrison was quoted in a New York Times article entitled "Craig Asks Court to Let Him Withdraw His Plea of Guilty." The article states that Senator Larry Craig's lawyers filed court papers yesterday requesting that he be permitted to withdraw his guilty plea to disorderly conduct in a sex sting at the Minneapolis airport. The article provides Dean Morrison's statement that under Minnesota law, guilty pleas may only be withdrawn in exceptional circumstances. According to Dean Morrison, requests to withdraw guilty pleas are rarely made, and rarely granted. Furthermore, when granted, they cause the original complaint to re-emerge.

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Simon Quoted on Senator Craig Plea Withdrawal

September 6, 2007

Professor Steve Simon was recently quoted by a number of news outlets in regards to Senator Larry Craig's guilty plea withdrawal to a charge of Disorderly Conduct. Simon was quoted in the Los Angeles Times, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Washington Post, the Idaho Statesman, and in the MPR Online News Service in great depth on the legal and Constitutional landscape in Minnesota regarding the withdrawal of the guilty plea.

Professor Simon's comments were sought because Senator Craig appears to be backing away from his stated intent to step down from the United States Senate. Senator Craig recently stated that he intends to try to withdraw his guilty plea to a charge of Disorderly Conduct stemming from his behavior in a MSP-STP airport bathroom in June. If successful, Senator Craig will then attempt to fight the criminal charges.

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Washburn on Gonzales in Indian Country Today

September 3, 2007

Professor Washburn, a former trial attorney at the U.S. Department of Justice and Assistant U.S. Attorney, was quoted in a lengthy article in Indian Country Today evaluating the tenure of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. According to Professor Washburn, Attorney General Gonzales "had a negative effect on Indian policy not because he was hostile, but because he did not find it important. He found his own agenda more important." In contrast to his predecessor John Ashcroft, who wanted each office to define local priorities in addition to the national ones, Gonzales wanted all U.S. Attorneys offices to focus in a singular fashion on a national agenda, frustrating local prosecutors, especially those interested in crime in Indian country.