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The mission of the University of Minnesota Law Library is to support the research and curricular needs of the University of Minnesota Law School faculty and students. The Library is committed to providing faculty and students with the finest legal resources and service possible, as well as the highest level of support for scholarship and access to information. We also are committed to serving the legal information needs of the University community, the bench and bar, the citizens of Minnesota, and scholars throughout the world.

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Library Contact Information & Staff Directory

(Area Code 612)

Mailing Address & FAX Number:
Law Library
120 Mondale Hall, University of Minnesota 
229 - 19th Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55455 

FAX Number: 625-3473

Department Contacts:
  625-4300, lawcirc@umn.edu
  625-4309, law-ref@umn.edu
ASAP & Interlibrary Loan Service:
  625-9534, x-asap@umn.edu
Anderson, Linda
625-7331 ande9389@umn.edu
Rm. 120
Baratto, Katie
Circulation - Stacks Manager
626-0211 barat013@umn.edu
Rm. 150
Canoun, Rachel
Executive Office & Administrative Specialist
625-9800 canou003@umn.edu
Rm. 120
Dewey, Scott
Faculty Research Librarian
625-0187 shdewey@umn.edu
Rm. 148
Garces, Vicente
Reference Administration & Web Services Librarian
624-2597 garce003@umn.edu
Rm. 355L
Graybill, Patrick
Digital Technology Specialist
301-3916 pgraybil@umn.edu
Rm. 255K
Greenwood, Ryan
Curator of Rare Books & Special Collections 
625-7323 rgreenwo@umn.edu
Rm. N30D
Hannon, Michael
Associate Director for Access Services & Digital Initiatives
625-0173 mhannon@umn.edu
Rm. 255A
Howland, Joan
Associate Dean for Information and Technology
625-9036 howla001@umn.edu
Rm. 120B
Johnson, Kristyn
Access Services Librarian 
625-1547 john7782@umn.edu
Rm. 150
Kildow, Dawn
Administrative Director
625-3408 dhoover@umn.edu
Rm. 140B
Lenz, Connie
Associate Director for Research Services & Collection Development
625-4301 lenzx009@umn.edu
Rm. 120A
Matthews, Daniel
625-5262 matth036@umn.edu
Rm. 150
Miza, Ingrid
626-1607 i-miza@umn.edu
Rm. 120
Moret, Ian
Special Collections Assistant
624-3697 moret024@umn.edu
Rm. N30E
Nguyen, Cu
625-9089 c-nguy@umn.edu
Rm. 120
Olson, Craig
Head of Acquisitions
625-0396 c-olso1@umn.edu
Rm. 120
Schatzle, Chad
Part-Time Reference Librarian
625-4309 cschatzl@umn.edu
Rm. 120
Stuckey, Claire
Head of Cataloging
624-7536 c-stuc1@umn.edu
Rm. 140
Turner, Loren
Foreign, Comparative & International Law Librarian 
625-2905 lturner@umn.edu
Rm. 255J
Uhl, Scott
Technology Innovation & Reference Librarian 
625-0793 uhlx0003@umn.edu
Rm. 255L
Yates, Sarah
Cataloging Librarian
625-1898, 624-3697 yates006@umn.edu 
Rm. 110B
Zopfi-Jordan, David
I.L.L. / A.S.A.P. Copy & Retrieval Service Librarian
625-9534 d-zopf@umn.edu
Rm. 455K

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University of Minnesota Law School

Walter F. Mondale Hall | 229 19th Avenue South | Minneapolis, MN 55455

P: 612-625-1000

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