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  • Energy Law and Policy (West Academic Publishing, 2015) Lincoln L. Davies, Alexandra Klass, Hari Osofsky & Joseph P. Tomain

Journal Articles

  • Remaking Energy: The Critical Role of Energy Consumption Data, 104 California Law Review 1095 (2016) Alexandra Klass
    | SSRN
  • Energy Consumption Data: The Key to Improved Energy Efficiency, 6 San Diego Journal of Climate and Energy Law 69 (2014-15) Alexandra Klass
    | SSRN
  • Interstate Transmission Challenges for Renewable Energy: A Federalism Mismatch, 65 Vanderbilt Law Review 1801 (2012) (excerpted and updated at 44 Environmental Law Reporter News & Analysis 10705 (Aug. 2014)) Alexandra Klass
    | SSRN
  • Climate Change, Carbon Sequestration, and Property Rights, 2010 University of Illinois Law Review 363 (2010) Alexandra Klass
    | SSRN
  • Carbon Capture and Sequestration: Identifying and Managing Risks, 8:3 (Balancing the Risks: Managing Technology and Dangerous Climate Change) Issues in Legal Scholarship Article 1 (2009) (symposium essay) Alexandra Klass
  • Climate Change and Carbon Sequestration: Assessing a Liability Regime for the Long-term Storage of Carbon Dioxide, 58 Emory Law Journal 103 (2008) Alexandra Klass
    | SSRN

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