Professor Perry Moriearty

Criminal Justice Concentration

Program Highlights

Study Opportunities

  • Required courses: criminal law and criminal procedure.
  • Extensive additional criminal justice-related offerings available

Practical Opportunities

Criminal justice clinics: Child Advocacy & Juvenile Justice; Criminal Justice; Detainee Rights; Federal Defense; Innocence Project; Misdemeanor Prosecution

Employment Opportunities

  • The vibrant Twin Cities legal community offers abundant opportunities for part-time work during the school year or full-time work during the summer in the field of criminal justice.
  • Our graduates work as local, state, and federal prosecutors; criminal defense attorneys; trial and appellate judges; and legislators or their staff.
  • Graduates work for criminal law-related non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and for a variety of governmental agencies that enforce criminal laws and make criminal justice policy.

Student-Led Opportunities

The Criminal Justice League offers regular appearances with experts in the field and collaborates with NGOs and legal organizations to provide volunteer opportunities for student members.


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