Law Courses Open to Graduate and Undergraduate Students

Graduate Students: Graduate or professional students are welcome to pursue a Law Minor, while undergraduates can pursue a Business Law Minor. Most Law School Courses open to Graduate Students are taught at the 6000 level. More information is available on the alphabetical course listing. These courses generally are open on a space-available basis. Some courses may require individual approval by the faculty member teaching the course. All communication should be conducted through the Law School Registrar via the PDF iconNon-Law Student Petition for Law Courses form. First-year law courses (6001-6009) and experiential learning courses (7000 level) are open only to current law students.


Undergraduate Students: Juniors and seniors can take a number of courses at the Law School to study the legal systems and doctrines that intersect with their fields of interest. Although many of these courses have no formal prerequisites, students are encouraged to begin with Law 3000, Introduction to American Law and Legal Reasoning. Below are some examples of course combinations that undergraduate students have taken at the Law School, organized by subject area:



How to Enroll in a Law Course

Undergraduate students may directly register for 3000- and 5000-level courses. Students who would like to enroll in 6000-level courses must complete the PDF iconNon-Law Student Petition for Law Courses form and email it to

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