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Transfer & Visiting J.D. Students

The University of Minnesota Law School welcomes visiting and transfer students. Transfer and visiting applications become available in January each year; applications are due by August 1, 2018, for fall 2018 start. If you wish to petition for journals, the transfer application deadline is May 1, 2018. If you wish to interview for OCI, the deadline is late spring 2018.

A transfer student is defined as:

  • a student who has completed one year of full-time study at another American Bar Association accredited law school and intends to complete a law degree at the University of Minnesota

A visiting student is defined as:

  • a student who plans to spend a year or less at the University of Minnesota Law School and has been attending another American Bar Association accredited law school

Eligibility: Admission as a transfer or visiting student is available to those who have been attending a law school that is a member of the Association of American Law Schools and is accredited by the American Bar Association.

Transfer Application

Transfer Applicants seeking admission as a transfer student must register with the LSAC Credential Assembly Service (CAS) in accordance with the Law School’s application procedure, submit an application, and pay an application fee. The following additional documentation also must be provided either to LSAC or to the Law School directly. All applicants must first register with the Credential Assembly Service (CAS). Questions should be directed to Law Admissions at

Application Form

The application form will be available at on January 1, 2018. The form must be completed in its entirety, signed, and submitted to the University of Minnesota Law School Admissions Office. We strongly recommend that applicants submit their applications online. If submitting an application directly to the Law School, applicants must still register for the Credential Assembly Service (CAS) through the Law School Admissions Council (LSAC).

Application Fee

All applicants must submit a $60 nonrefundable credentials examination fee with the application form. For electronic applications, the fee may be paid by credit card. For all other applications, please include a check or money order (drawn on a U.S. bank) payable to the University of Minnesota Law School.

Submit the following items to LSAC

  1. Law school transcript, which may only have first semester grades depending on when applying (current law school’s registrar sends to LSAC). The committee reserves the right to reconsider admission decisions once final transcripts are received.
  2. LSAT:  Information concerning the LSAT may be obtained by LSAC. A valid score must be no longer than five years old at the time of application. The Admissions Committee considers the highest LSAT score.
  3. One letter of recommendation from a law school instructor (recommender sends to LSAC). 
  4. Personal statement:  Statement of the circumstances that draw the applicant to our Law School; 2 pages, double-spaced.
  5. Resume
  6. Addenda (optional): Applicants may also submit one or more supplemental statements (one page, double-spaced) to highlight diversity perspectives, explain absences or breaks in education, or present other matters that may be of importance to the Admissions Committee.

Submit the following three items from your Registrar’s office to University of Minnesota Law School Admissions

  1. Letter of good standing (as soon as you submit your application)
  2. Official and final undergraduate transcript (only if you’ve been admitted)
  3. Final law school transcript showing all grades earned in the first year of law study (after your second semester grades from your 1L year are posted; only if you’ve been admitted. Unofficial final transcript is fine.) The Admissions Committee reserves the right to reconsider admissions decisions after final transcripts have been received. Final transcripts must be received by the first day of class and can be mailed to the Law School address.

Please have the registrar mail final transcripts to:

University of Minnesota Law School
Office of Admissions
N130 Walter F. Mondale Hall
229 19th Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55455

OR have the registrar email them directly to

NOTE: Electronic delivery of official transcripts is accepted only from certified/accredited transcript bureaus. Credit evaluation for law school courses will be completed by the Dean of Students Office by August 1, or for students who submit a seat deposit after that, approximately two weeks after receipt of final law school transcript. If you have questions about your transfer credits, please contact the Student Services Office directly at

Character and Fitness

In addition to a bar examination, there are character, fitness, and other qualifications for admission to the bar in every U.S. jurisdiction. Applicants are encouraged to determine the requirements for any jurisdiction in which they intend to seek admission by contacting the jurisdiction. Addresses for all relevant agencies are available through the National Conference of Bar Examiners. 

For further information: please visit our website at You will find answers to common questions and visitor’s information. Questions not answered on the website or in these instructions may be directed to the Office of Admissions at: or 612-625-3487.

Visiting Application

Applicants who wish to attend the Law School for a year or less as visiting students are not required to register with CAS. However, they must submit the same information as transfer students, including a transcript that reflects all first-year and second-year law school grades. It is preferred that students interested in visiting apply through LSAC, but a PDF iconpaper application is available. The deadline to apply for the fall semester is August 1; the deadline for spring semester is December 1.

LL.M. to J.D. Transfer Application

Current LL.M. students at the Law School who wish to apply for the J.D. program must register with the LSAC Credential Assembly Service and submit a transfer application through LSAC. The deadline to apply for the fall semester is August 1. View PDF iconapplication requirements and details.

Journals and Moot Courts

To satisfy the 2L legal writing requirement at Minnesota Law, all students must participate in either a journal or a moot court.

Transfer applicants who wish to petition for the journals must submit their applications no later than May 1, 2018. Journal membership will require participation in the Law School’s legal writing journal petition process. Transfer applicants must also notify the Admissions Office of their intent to petition upon submission of their application. Most transfer applicants will not have an admissions decision by mid-May. Therefore, if you are interested in petitioning for journals, you must submit your petition by the deadline even if you have not received an admissions decision yet. Journal petitioning transfer applicants are responsible for obtaining petition packets on their own. Contact for detailed information.

Transfer students automatically have the opportunity to participate in the Maynard Pirsig Moot Court program. This moot court introduces students to practical writing and oral argument exercises common in modern litigation. Spots for transfer students are limited. For more information contact

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