• Emerging Sciences and Technologies: Law, Ethics and Policy – 6037

    Fall 2017




Leili Fatehi

This interdisciplinary course will examine issues at the nexus of law, ethics, public policy, and emerging sciences and technologies (ES&T) including nanotechnology, genetic and biomedical engineering, cognitive science, synthetic biology, and robotics. Topics we will explore include the role of science and technology as both a tool for and the subject of law and policy; the legal, ethical, economic, and policy implications of ES&T research and development; environmental and human health risk analysis and regulation (e.g., EPA, FDA, OSHA, and state and local regulatory mechanisms); intellectual property issues; liability issues; and global impacts. Topics will be approached from the perspective of different stakeholders (e.g., federal agencies, industry, academic researchers, the environment, international organizations, and the public) and in the context of different application areas (e.g., drugs, devices, food, agriculture, energy, environmental remediation) using a variety of interdisciplinary approaches. Students with a broad range of interests are encouraged to enroll.

Cross listed PA 8790 & BTHX 8000

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