• Judicial Externship – 6057

    Summer 2013




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    • Civil Litigation *
    • Litigation, Alternative Dispute Resolution & Advocacy
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    Upper Division
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Each student is assigned to a judge and serves as a part-time law clerk for one semester. Positions are available with federal district, bankruptcy, courts of appeals, and magistrate- judges, with state court of appeals, district court, and tax court judges, and with tribal courts. Students receive placements with attention to their expressed preferences among the courts and kinds of cases addressed. The application process for federal placements occurs separately, and may occur before course registration; notification will be sent to all students about deadlines for applying. Working as externs, students prepare research memoranda, observe judicial proceedings, and participate in the drafting of opinions and orders. A student may select to register for 2 credits (100 hours of fieldwork) or 3 credits (150 hours of fieldwork). Students should try to arrange their schedules to have several large blocks of time available to work for a judge; free mornings are especially important for attending court hearings. Students will document and reflect on their fieldwork, and interact with other students in the class through online discussion groups and occasional class meetings. Initial enrollment is limited to ensure placement, but students on the waiting list will be added to the class as the number of confirmed judicial assignments increases.

The periodic class meetings will be held during the noon hour. A complete schedule will be distributed at or before the first class meeting. Initial enrollment is limited to 30 students, but students on the waiting list will be added to the class as the number of confirmed judicial assignments increases. Graded P/F/H/LP.

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