• Conflict of Laws – 6202




LAW 6015/6075 Civil Procedure II or familiarity with personal jurisdiction, subject matter jurisdiction, and Erie Doctrine gained in another course.

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Civil Litigation *
Litigation, Alternative Dispute Resolution & Advocacy
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    Upper Division, LL.M.
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    A - F
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Suppose a company in Minnesota contracts with a company in California to do some work on a construction site in New York and the laws of the three states are different on a critical issue of contract law? How would a court decide which state’s law would govern? Does it matter in which state the lawsuit is brought? Would the considerations instead be different if the underlying issue was a matter of tort? Or property? These are issues of choice of law, the primary focus of the Conflicts course. The course also considers the circumstances under which a U.S. court is required to enforce, without questioning the merits, a judicial decision from another state or country. This is a vital course not only for prospective litigators but also for transactional lawyers. Lawyers who have not taken this course are unlikely even to be able to spot the critical issues.


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