• Advanced Criminal Procedure – 6842

    Spring 2016




  • Prerequisites

    Criminal Procedure (Law 6085/6218)

    Grad. Requirements
    • Upper Division Legal Writing
    Subject Area
    • Criminal Justice *
    • Litigation, Alternative Dispute Resolution & Advocacy
    Student Year
    Upper Division
    Course type

This course will allow students to experience the practical realities of practicing in the field of criminal law. Simulated proceedings each week will explore issues that typically arise during the course of a criminal prosecution. Each class session will simulate a different stage of a federal criminal prosecution, progressing chronologically from the preliminary/detention hearing through grand jury presentation, a variety of pretrial motions, a handful of trial related issues, sentencing, and ending with a supervised release violation hearing.

Course requirements include three written papers: two memoranda of law (1500 words each) and one court order or report & recommendation (4500 words), as well as participation in three classroom simulations. There is no exam.

Past students have found the in-class simulations to be particularly useful pedagogic tools.

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