• Advanced Topics in Labor and Employment Law – 6860

    Spring 2013




During the first two months of the semester, the class will simulate the role of a new presidentially-appointed commission (The Solis Commission) charged with first examining the current state of U.S. labor and employment law and then considering recommendations for reform. During each class session, two students will act as experts or lobbyists making presentations to the commission on designated topics. The remaining class members will act in the role of commission members and pose questions and comments to the presenters. On the last day of class, the commission will vote on a reform agenda to be sent to the President.


Students will be expected to prepare a research paper of approximately 25 pages in length on a selected labor and employment topic. The instructor will distribute a list of suggested paper topics. Students may select from this list or, with the instructor’s permission, design a topic of their own choosing. Students will present their respective papers during the last month of the semester.

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