Administrative Policies

Character and Fitness Disclosure Policy

In applications to the University of Minnesota Law School, students have a continuing duty to provide accurate, candid, and complete responses to all required questions. Applicants must fully disclose all past legal or academic misconduct, even if it occurred when the student was a minor or if records have been expunged. This disclosure obligation continues throughout a student’s legal education.

A student’s admission to the Law School may be revoked, or registration canceled, on the grounds of: providing false, misleading, or evasive responses on the initial application; or failure to formally report and amend an application to correct inaccuracies, omissions, or new incidents of misconduct.

Requests to amend an application to the Law School, whether to correct the initial application or to disclose misconduct that occurred after admission, must be made in writing through the FileApplication Amendment Request, and should be directed to the Assistant Dean of Students Office (scan and send to or direct hardcopies to our office). These requests for amendment, which may include supporting documentation where appropriate, should provide:

a) A complete statement of the updated or corrected facts;

b) A full explanation regarding why the information was not accurately or timely disclosed;

c) Additional documentation, if applicable; and

d) Any additional information that would permit the Law School to make a determination whether to accept the requested amendment or to cancel a student’s enrollment.

Students should be aware that in bar applications, they may be required to provide supporting documentation, or explain why such documentation is not available. If a student’s recollection of past misconduct is incomplete, due diligence should be employed to obtain documentation, and the student should keep a record of steps taken to contact the appropriate authority in the location where the incident took place, even if such documentation no longer exists.

Responses to requests to amend an application are made upon review of the amendment request, supporting documentation, and a review of the entire student file.

Commercial Vendor Hosting Policies

Private v. Public Data and Record Suppression

The University and the Law School keep student contact information on record in different locations and students can specify how much of their directory information is made public in both situations.

University Records

Directory/public information is information contained in an education record of a student that would not generally be considered harmful or an invasion of privacy if disclosed to the public. Public/directory information at the University of Minnesota is as follows: name, address, phone number, University assigned email address, dates of enrollment, enrollment status (full/part-time, not enrolled), college(s), major(s), adviser(s), class (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior), academic awards and honors, and degree(s) received.

Since the University has defined the above mentioned information as directory information, students have the right to suppress, or limit, its release. By visiting, a student is able to specify which information can be released to a third party without their prior written consent.

However, students should note that suppression might have undesirable consequences. With some options instructors or classmates might be unable to contact you about assignments and you might not receive notices of some services. Additionally, and of particular importance once a student graduates, if “full” suppression is selected the fact of your attendance will not be released; prospective employers, financial institutions, or others offering services will be unable to have the Law School verify your attendance.

Student Directory Information

The online Student Directory is for students, staff and faculty use. Whether through the private online page or a printed version, the Student Directory is intended only for use in Law School related communications and activities. Each Fall, basic information is pulled from One Stop, so it is necessary for all students to keep information on One Stop as accurate and up-to-date as possible.

Scholarship Policy

Review the PDF iconscholarship policy.

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