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Learning Outcomes

In 2016, the Minnesota Law faculty approved a comprehensive outline for the knowledge, skills, and values that are essential to citizenship in the community of Minnesota Law alumni. These Learning Outcomes are meant to be a guide or a road map for students on their journey towards becoming lawyer-leaders and earning their “legal citizenship.”

Learning Outcomes

Legal Thinking & Analysis

  • Locate, interpret, and synthesize relevant legal authorities
  • Gather and assess relevant facts
  • Identify, and provide critical analysis of, competing positions and options
  • Understand the interaction between law and public policy
  • Recognize when consultation, collaboration, or referral is advisable or required


  • Present analysis and engage in legal dialogue, negotiation, and argument
  • Communicate with the appropriate tone and sophistication for the relevant audience
  • Communicate directly, with organization, focus, purpose, and clarity
  • Tailor communication and advocacy to applicable format restrictions and comply with procedural requirements

Client Service

  • Demonstrate broad knowledge of the law and the legal system of the United States
  • Listen to and engage with clients to identify client objectives and interests
  • Advocate for clients
  • Counsel clients by assessing, developing, evaluating creative options to meet client goals
  • Manage complex workflow diligently, reliably, and within deadlines


  • Work in a team
  • Respect diverse views and perspectives and work effectively across difference
  • Understand issues relating to equity and inclusion

Ethics & Professionalism

  • Know and comply with rules of professional conduct
  • Be honest and candid with clients, lawyers, institutions, and others
  • Respond effectively to criticism and other feedback
  • Identify and minimize biases
  • Understand the importance of pro bono and other forms of law-related public service
  • Seek and use resources where necessary to address personal challenges

Minnesota Law Student Oath

At orientation each year, all 1L students are asked to take the Minnesota Law Student Oath.

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