2019 class gift

The 2019 Class Gift Campaign is our opportunity to pay it forward and ensure that future generations of students will have their own life-changing experiences at Minnesota Law. As students, we have benefited from the donations of previous students and current alumni. Now is our chance to play our part and support the Law School’s Scholarship Fund, making our school more accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial situation. 

Congratuations to the Class of 2019 for setting new Class Gift records!

Class Gift Total: $4,036
New Lockhart Members: 49
Matching Gifts Unlocked: $3,925
Participation: 55%
Highest Section Participation: 76% - LLMs

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the 2019 Class Gift!

Ahmed Abdulla Al Saey
Marwa Awara *
Yilhwa Baek *
Zahra Bahmani *
Jordan Barnett *
Anna Barton *
Austin Benner
Jiang Bian
Kathryn Bjorklund
Tash Bottum
Evan Brown
Rushna Burney
Amy Byrne *
Clayton Carlson *
Allison Chadwick+
Ruoyin Chen
Szu-Miao Chen
Elissa Chaffee
Brad Clary *
Christopher Conway *
Kevin Cunningham
Ahmed Dabash
Kathya Dawe *
Davaanyam Demberel
Enes Demirel *
Sarah DeWitt *+
Yuxuan Diao *
Maya Digre *
Jordan Dritz *
Robert Dube Jr *
Peter Economou
Alexa Ely
Thomas Eschenroeder *
Andrew Escher *
Peter Estall *
Frances Fink *
Lauren Fleming
Margaret Forsell
Kelsey Friberg
Mariah Gatzow
Christie Geter
Nathaniel Gier *
David Gomez
Sophie Gotlieb *
Lauren Graff *+
Joshua Greenberg *
Robert Hahn *
Isak Hawkinson
Kayla Hoel *
Zachary Hofeld *
Brandy Hough *
Ellen Hunt *
Inseok Jeong
Lindsay Jones
Fatjon Kaja *+
Zackary Kaylor
Nicolas Kaylor
Lana Khader
Jack Koepke *
Ludmila Larson
HoJoon Lee
Ellen Levish *
Hang Li
Bohan Liu
Xinyi Liu
Samuel Louwagie
Clinton Maynard *
Emily McAdam
Matthew McCord
Taylor McKenney
Kaylee Metcalf
Allison Mrakovich
Khansaa Nadeem
Charles Niemann *
Kelly Nizzari *
Pimpichar Nuansai
William Paterson *
Alanna Pawlowski *
Amber Peterson
Susan Prattis
Melanie Pulles Benson *
Graciela Quintana
Elise Ramirez
Nicholas Redmond *
Lesley Roe
Silvie Rohr *
Rebecca Rosefelt
Caroline Schmitz *
Maxwell Shek
Hadley Simonett *
David Smith
Katie Sreenan *
Nora Steinhagen
Chin-Yuan Sun
Abby Swanson
Jiunho Tang
Deanna Thompson *
Robert Tunheim *
Anayo John Umeh *+
Emma Vosburgh
Jessica Wheeler
Robert Wild *
Julia Wolfe *+
Mengtian Wu
Li Xu
Shiyi Xue
Abhishek Kumar Yadav *
Malvika Yadav
Junya Zeng
Xiaoke Zeng
Yu Zhang


*Lockhart GOLD Club
+ 2019 Class Gift Committee Member


Special thanks to Dean Garry W. Jenkins, the Alumni & Student Engagement Committee, Jones Day, and Law Council for providing matching funds

Class Gift FAQ

What is the 2019 Class Gift Campaign?

The Class Gift Campaign provides an opportunity for 2019 graduates to commemorate their time at the Law School. It represents the Class of 2019’s support to the Law School, their recognition of the ways they have benefited from the donations of the law students and alumni who preceded them, and their commitment to pay it forward to ensure that future generations of students will have their own life-changing experiences at Minnesota Law. Finally, it marks the beginning of their lifelong relationship with the University of Minnesota Law School; no longer as law students, but now as alumni.

Why should I make a donation to the Law School?

It Has Impacted You: Philanthropy touches every area of the Law School and, no matter what activities you participated in, your time at Minnesota was made better by previous students and alumni gifts. Everything from clinics to great professors to scholarships to Mondale Hall itself has been made possible thanks to donor support. By making your first gift to the Law School, you are acknowledging the importance of philanthropy and contribute towards the legacy of giving established by the MLaw students and alumni who have come before you.

You Can Make a Difference: By making your gift, you have the special opportunity to ensure that future students can create their own unique MLaw experiences, just like you did. And, you will inspire future classes in your commitment to continue the strong tradition of support the Minnesota has celebrated for decades.

You Can Show Your School Pride: Your participation shows law firms, foundations and prospective students your confidence in MN Law’s mission and the education you received. It shows current donors that their donations are well placed, and inspires additional philanthropic support of the Law School.

Students pay tuition, so does the law school really need our money?

Yes! Tuition only covers a portion of what it takes to run the law school on an annual basis. In fact, less than half of the Law School’s annual budget is fulfilled by J.D. tuition (and state support). Donations from alumni and friends make up the difference. Without these gifts, the Law School would not be able to fund student organizations, keep class sizes down, employ distinguished faculty, offer a wide variety of courses, provide career services, maintain the extensive library or continually upgrade technology. In particular, scholarships and awards enable the school to recruit talented students and to minimize the loan burden.

Will our gifts really make a difference?

Absolutely. However, participation matters most. Gifts of any amount are greatly appreciated. The fact that you give is more important than the amount. Alumni participation is very compelling - but student giving is even more so. Your participation shows your confidence in the Law School’s mission and the education you received, setting a powerful example other alumni, individuals and firms.

Do I have to give to the Law School Scholarship Fund? Can I choose another fund?

You can choose to support another existing law school fund either in addition to or instead of the Law School Scholarship Fund. See a list of other popular fund options.


For more information, please contact Lizzy Behgelli in the Office of Advancement at beghelli@umn.edu or 612-624-0097.

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