Alfredo Contreras

  • International Visiting Lecturer
  • Data Scientist, Brightflag, Dublin
  • Universidad de Carabobo, Venezuela, B.E.E.
  • Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland, M.Sc.

Mondale Hall, 229 19th Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Based in Dublin, originally from Venezuela, Luis Alfredo Contreras is a data scientist who works in computer programming, specializing in natural language processing techniques and artificial intelligence. He holds a first-class honours Bachelor of Electrical Engineering and a first-class honours MSc in Computer Science and Data Analytics, having also held the prestigious Irish Centenary Postgraduate Scholarship at the Dublin Institute of Technology during his postgraduate studies.

Contreras currently works for an Irish legal tech company called Brightflag that uses artificial intelligence and text analysis to read and understand legal invoices. As part of Brightflag’s tech team, he works in research and development (R&D) creating solutions that can be used to generate savings for corporations that typically spend millions on legal fees.

He specializes in programming languages, particularly Python and he is interested in research related to text analysis, data processing, exploratory analysis, statistical tests, and development of tools and algorithms that bring business value.


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