• American Legal Profession – 6614

    Fall 2012




The assignment for the first week is:


  1. pp. 117-129, 193-211 in the Abel text (Lawyers: A Critical Reader)
  2. Eliot Freidson (1992) “Professionalism as Model and Ideology,” in Robert L. Nelson, David M. Trubek, and R. L. Solomon, eds., Lawyers’ Ideal/Lawyers’ Practices: Transformations in the American Legal Profession (Ithaca, New York: Cornell University Press), pp. 215-229 [this is in the reading packet]
  3. Marc Galanter (1998) “The Faces of Mistrust:  The Image of Lawyers in Public Opinion, Jokes, and Political Discourse,”  66 University of Cincinnati Law Review 805-845 (read 816-26) [this is available online at http://marcgalanter.net/Documents/papers/TheFacesofMistrust.pdf; this copy uses the Westlaw *page# notation to denote page numbers].


A 750-1,000 word essay describing your existing impressions of Americanlawyers, their work setting(s), and the work that they do. This assignment willbe used in part to assess your English language writing skills. For this, andall other writing assignments for this course, you should turn in a paper thatis as polished as you can make it.


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