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Adjunct Faculty Coordinators

Name Title Email Phone Office
Renee Anderson
Legal Writing, Moot Court and Trial Practice 612-626-9106 Office: 441
Lisa Burtch
Law in Practice 612-626-0922 Office: 95G
Erin Sikkink
General Curriculum and Patent Law 612-625-3356 Office: 335
Nicole Smiley
Clinics 612-625-9375 Office: 190N


Office: 290P: 612-625-3487
Name Title Email Phone Office
Joanna Accola
Admissions Counselor 612-626-0865 Office: 290G
Ally Hilding
Admissions Counselor 612-626-1682 Office: 290F
Robin Ingli
Interim Director 612-625-0718 Office: 290B
Serena Jones-White
Project Coordinator 612-625-3487 Office: 290
Kate Snowdon
Associate Director of Admissions 612-626-1103 Office: 290C
Lexi Woodard
Data Manager 612-625-1823 Office: 290


Office: 321P: 612-626-8539F: 612-626-2002
Name Title Email Phone Office
David Jensen
Acting Director of Development 612-625-2060 Office: 321
Abigail Loyd
Annual Giving Program Manager 612-625-6584 Office: 321
Terese Lynch
Alumni Relations & Annual Giving Associate 612-626-8670 Office: 321
Julie J. Nelson
Associate 612-625-5387 Office: 321
Paul Ogren
Associate Development Officer 612-626-1888 Office: 321
Jill Seguin
Donor and Volunteer Relations Associate 612-624-2176 Office: 321
Emily Seiber Jura-Baum
Annual Giving Officer 612-626-5363 Office: 321
Dinah C. Zebot
Director of Alumni Relations & Annual Giving 612-626-8671 Office: 321

Applied Legal Instruction (Legal Writing/Mt.Cts./Trial Practice)

Name Title Email Phone Office
Renee Anderson
Program Coordinator 612-626-9106 Office: 441
Brad Clary
Clinical Professor 612-625-1059 Office: 444
Christopher Soper
Director 612-626-1605 Office: 446


Office: 85P: 612-626-8569
Name Title Email Phone Office
Rochelle Schmidt
Manager 612-626-8569 Office: 85


Name Title Email Phone Office
Sam Goshorn
Software Services Manager 612-875-5717
LaVonne Molde
Membership Services Director 612-246-0042

Career Center

Office: N150P: 612-625-1866F: 612-626-7720
Name Title Email Phone Office
Laura Clemens
Career Counselor 612-625-6477 Office: N150E
Joel Eaton
Administrative Assistant and Receptionist 612-625-1866 Office: N150
Amanda Furst
Director of Public Interest Programs 612-626-7517 Office: N150B
Alison Kennedy
Public Sector Coordinator 612-301-1519 Office: N150D
Claudia Melo
Director 612-626-5060 Office: N150C
Hallie Prest
Career Counselor 612-626-2962 Office: N150A


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