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  • Prof. Meili Presents Research on Asyum Law at University of Oxford

    October 18, 2017

    Professor Steve Meili presented his research on the constitutionalization of asylum law at the University of Oxford’s Refugee Studies Centre. His talk was part of the RSC’s weekly seminar series. In his talk, Meili argued that the proliferation of provisions guaranteeing a right to asylum in constitutions around the world provides a form of protection for refugees that is broader than the 1951 Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees, the principal international agreement governing the treatment of persons fleeing persecution. Constitutional asylum law may be particularly relevant in countries which have traditonally been reluctant to utilize it, including many E.U. Member States, given the recent surge in nationalism and aversion to globalization. Meili’s presentation is the subject of an article forthcoming in the Fordham International Law Journal, and is part of his ongoing study of the effectiveness of treaties and other international instruments designed to protect noncitizens.

  • Prof. Borgida To Participate in Panel Discussion on Mitigating Implicit Bias in Criminal Justice System

    October 17, 2017

    Professor Eugene Borgida will participate in a panel discussion about mitigating implicit bias in the criminal justice system, to be held on October 25 from 2-4 p.m. at the Minneapolis Jury Assembly Room at the United States Courthouse in downtown Minneapolis. Opening remarks will be made by the Honorable Wilhelmina Wright, federal district court judge. In addition to Professor Borgida, the other panelists include Hennepin County District Court Judge Tanya Bransford, and Ramsey County District Court Judge Nicole Starr.

  • Prof. Matheson Joins Expert Reference Group for Corporate Energy Transition Project

    October 14, 2017

    Professor John H. Matheson was invited and has joined the Expert Reference Group for the Australian Research Council funded Discovery Project “Devising a Legal Blueprint for Corporate Energy Transition.” This project will explore how corporate law mechanisms can incentivise improved climate risk management and the uptake of clean energy practices by Australian companies. Drawing on empirical data and comparative analysis of U.S. experience in this area, the project seeks to identify law and governance reforms to drive corporate energy transition in Australia. The Expert Reference Group is composed of distinguished corporate law, climate liability and corporate social responsibility experts in Australia, the United States and other relevant jurisdictions to guide the implementation of the project by validating findings, workshopping proposals and refining outcomes through peer feedback.

  • Minnesota Lawyer Quotes Prof. Cotter in Article on Copyright Suit Against Disney/Pixar

    October 6, 2017

    Professor Tom Cotter was quoted in a Minnesota Lawyer article titled “Minnesotan Sees Red Over Disney” in connection with a lawsuit filed by child development expert Denise Daniels alleging that Disney/Pixar is liable for breach of an implied contract and copyright infringement resulting from its use of characters symbolizing different emotions in the 2015 animated film “Inside Out.” Cotter discusses the legal standards for finding liability under these two theories, and notes that while copyright protection does not subsist merely in ideas, infringement sometimes can result from similiarity with regard to an original selection or arrangement of ideas.

  • Prof. Carbone Quoted by National Catholic Reporter on Marriage and Economics

    October 6, 2017

    Professor June Carbone was quoted in the National Catholic Reporter on the relationship between marriage and changing economic circumstances.  The article quoted a public presentation she gave in August as part of the Kansas City Public Library speakers’ series, explalining why it does not necessarily make sense for poor women to marry their partners. 

  • Prof. Kitrosser Quoted in Vox.com on Private E-mail Usage by White House Staff

    October 3, 2017

    Professor Heidi Kitrosser was among the legal experts interviewed for a column in vox.com on the legal and political significance of Trump White House staffers’ uses of private e-mail accounts. Kitrosser explained that the “potential legal issues” include “compliance with the Presidential Records Act and the possibility that classified information was transmitted via these private email accounts.” “Legal issues aside,” she added, “the larger issue here is the administration’s astounding hypocrisy.”

  • Prof. Painter Quoted in Washington Post, NPR, and Marketplace on Trump Administration’s Violations

    October 2, 2017

    Professor Richard Painter was quoted in various news outlets including the Washington PostNPR, and Marketplace about the ongoing investigations in the Trump administration such as his receipt of unconstitutional payments from foreign governments, ethics violations such as hiring lobbyists and aides using personal email for government work, and cabinet officials using taxpayers’ dollars for unofficial travel and expenses.

  • Prof. Klass Interviewed on MPR About Enbridge Line 3 Oil Pipeline

    September 26, 2017

    Professor Alexandra Klass was intereviewed on Minnesota Public Radio for a story reporting on the Minnesota Department of Commerce’s recent testimony on the controversial “Line 3” oil pipeline Enbridge Energy Partners proposes to expand to bring crude oil from Canada through Minnesota to refineries. Much to the suprise of many industry and environmental groups, the Department of Commerce concluded the pipeline didn’t satisfy the state’s statutory “need” requirements and should not be built. Enbridge will have an opportunity to respond to the Department’s testimony and there will be in-depth hearings on the topic before the issue goes to the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission for decision.

  • New York Times Quotes Prof. Carbone on the Changing Family

    September 25, 2017

    The New York Times Upshot Section quoted Professor June Carbone on the class divide in marriage. Professor Carbone observed that where money or assets are not involved, couples often don’t see the need to “make it legal.” 

  • Prof. Klass Quoted in Star Tribune on White Bear Lake Court Ruling

    September 24, 2017

    Professor Alex Klass was quoted in a front-page Star Tribune article reporting on the Ramsey County District Court’s recent decision holding that the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources had failed to comply with its obligations under the Minnesota Environmental Rights Act and the common law public trust doctrine regarding the levels of White Bear Lake. The court found the plaintiffs (homeowners and businesses surrounding White Bear Lake) had proven that the state’s continued issuance of groundwater withdrawal permits to local communities surrounding the White Bear Lake had allowed lake levels to drop precipitously, and that state law required the agency to place additional restrictions on groundwater extractions in the area. Professor Klass was an expert consultant to one of the plaintiff groups on the public trust doctrine claim.


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